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June 2020

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Page 22 of 67 Speed Queen by Alliance Laundry Systems @SpeedQueenHome THE LEGEND OF THE TR7 * * DO NOT T RY T HIS AT HOME. MODIF IED MACHINE. CON T ROL L ED T ES T EN V IRONMEN T.* * Alliance L aundr y Sys tems ex- per ts have modified the T R7 machine shown here to oper ate without the lid for the purpose of demons tr ating the dynamic balancing and reliabilit y of the machine. Removing the lid from a wa shing machine or tampering with the lid and/or lid lock could result in dama ge to the machine, dama ge to the machine's surroundings, bodily injur y or death. Tampering with your wa shing machine in any way will void your warr ant y. Alliance L aundr y Sys tems is not liable for any dama ge c aused by a user tampering with a wa shing machine. * * This machine is s tandard ins talled – it is not bolted to the floor. Some call it testing , at Speed Queen we call it leading… innovating… creatively breaking things. Billiard pucks... What 's Nex t? See for yourself how this commercial-grade wa sher with dynamic balancing handles these unusually heav y loads running 24/7. And share with your customers. Think about it... if the wa sher la sts under these conditions, just imagine how long it will la st in your customers' home. Speed Queen is built bet ter to la st longer. Streaming from our lab to you. And more to come. Stay tuned for what 's nex t.

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