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July/August/September 2020 I 27 FIGURE 13: Commissioning involves thorough testing and verification that all specifications, best practices and client expectations are satisfied to deliver an AV product/system of highest quality. Commissioning Commissioning is the final quality assurance process prior to turning the AV system over to the client. Control sys- tem testing is certainly a key aspect of this process, but commissioning also includes checking and adjusting every aspect of installation and operation to ensure all specifications, best practices and client expectations are satisfied. Use a checklist to make sure nothing is missed. If deficiencies are found, document them on a punch list, and develop a work-off plan. Some of the key infor- mation and action items that should be on the commis- sioning checklist include: • Test functionality of all video and audio signal paths end-to-end. • Adjust all video and audio signal levels to meet specifications and client preference. • Inspect integrity of all terminations and verify cable labeling. • Test control system operation to ensure all user inter- faces operate as planned and that all devices respond correctly in all operating modes. • Mark up, then revise drawings to reflect as-built configuration. • Verify that control software modifications made during troubleshooting are documented via com- ment lines in the software (or other agreed-upon configuration management method) to maintain revision control. If a consultant designed the AV system, the system would need to go through another walk-through and test- ing phase with the consultant prior to the presentation of the system to the client (Figure 13). Once the control system has been specified, bring the client's IT department into the design process. The AV integrator and IT manager should determine how many devices require Ethernet connection for control and physical locations.

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