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Credit cards offer great ways to earn points and rewards, get peace of mind for emergencies, and build your credit history. But credit cards can sometimes come with surprise fees, high interest rates, and an unhealthy cycle of debt. Ensure your credit card experience is a positive one Check out the information in this guide. With a little bit of knowledge and a commitment to acting responsibly, you can set yourself up for confident and successful credit card ownership. READY TO MAKE THE BIG LEAP INTO THE LAND OF CREDIT? Six Safety & Security Tips Keep your card and your finances safe with these best practices: BEWARE OF CARD SKIMMERS KEEP A LIST TREAT YOUR CARD LIKE CASH PREP FOR TRAVELS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALERTS HANDLE RECEIPTS CAREFULLY 01 02 05 Don't use an ATM, gas pump, or other type of card reader if it looks like it's been altered or meddled with. In a safe place at home, keep a list of all credit cards and the phone numbers to call if they're lost or stolen. Know where your credit card is at all times—and never lend it to anyone! Notify your credit card provider of the dates and location of any upcoming travels so they can prevent your account from being blocked for unusual activity. Sign up for credit card alerts (if available) so you can be notified immediately of any suspicious activity. On merchant receipts, draw lines through any blank spaces. This will prevent anyone from being able to change the amount. 03 06 04

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