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16 October 2020 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus quality, validation, and regulatory compliance Tablet and capsule inspector Antares Vision, a global supplier of visual inspection systems, track-and-trace solu- tions, and smart data management, has introduced a module for the 100 percent inspection of tablets and capsules bottled via slat filler. The AV Slat View inspects uncoated or coated tablets as well as mono- and bi-color capsules. Compatible with a broad range of OEM slat filler brands, the turnkey, easily integrated unit offers simple setup and unlimited recipe storage. Equipped with an advanced color detection algorithm, the system's complete validation package offers high accuracy and a low false rejection rate. A configurable alarm that flags and rejects bottles with potential foreign objects eliminates the need for line stoppage. Antares Vision, Moorestown, NJ 856 780 3465 Electronic counter Pharmafill TC3 electronic counter reaches counting speeds of up to 2,500 tablets per minute or 60 bottles per minute while maintaining 99.99 percent accuracy. Unit is ideal for contract packagers and pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosme- ceutical manufacturers of tablets, capsules, softgels, lozenges, and other solid dos- age forms. Unit automatically removes broken, chipped, or otherwise misshapen products before they can be counted and filled into bottles. Counter features a sieving system that feeds the products from a hopper onto a vibratory tray on top of a perforated sieve plate. Chipped products fall through the holes into a chip box while on-spec products continue downstream for counting and filling. The chip box is easily monitored via a clear, plastic panel and may be quickly emptied as needed. Unit includes three perforated, stainless-steel sieve plates with 1⁄ 8-, 3 ⁄16-, and ¼-inch diameter holes and one solid plate. Counter comes with a standard two-year warranty. Deitz, Wall, NJ 732 681 0200 Sample preparation station PrepEngine Mini sample preparation station is a compact, benchtop unit suitable for assay, impurity, and content uniformity applications. Simply insert and twist a prepared tube to start testing. High-output stirring stations prepare samples up to 90 percent faster than conventional methods. Unit features two high-speed Prep- Tube stations with adjustable speeds from 100 to 6,000 rpm and run times from 5 seconds to 4 hours. Sample preparation tubes are available in 50- to 500-milliliter sizes in clear or amber and sterilized or non-sterilized options. Distek, North Brunswick, NJ 732 422 7585

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