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30 October 2020 Tablets & Capsules I Robert S. Conrad Mettler Toledo Product Inspection Validation, verification, and monitoring of tablet and capsule blister pack inspection systems validation and regulatory compliance A blister pack inspection system must function properly to ensure the quality and accuracy of blister-packaged pharma- ceutical tablets and capsules. This article explains how valida- tion, periodic verification, and ongoing monitoring can keep an inspection system operating as intended and ensure that prod- ucts are adequately and accurately inspected, while keeping accurate inspection records. n the automated, high-speed process of blister pack- aging tablets and capsules, errors can result in blisters being incompletely filled or damaged tablets or capsules being packaged. If these errors reach consumers, they can quickly damage a brand image that has been carefully built over years of successful production. In addition, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to meet the specific regulatory standards mandated by the countries in which they operate or risk recalls, and they must also protect themselves from damaging liability lawsuits.

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