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WATER USE RESEARCH UPDATE Did Someone Say "Immunity"? By Swati Kalgaonkar The word "immunity" has gained a lot of visibility in recent months. If there is one thing even my friend's first grader knows it is that one should have a strong immunity – "as strong as Superman," as he would say – to fight off infections and viruses like COVID-19. Surprisingly, however, relatively few people know how to build a strong immunity that shields them from the "bad guys" from the inside out. Immunity in all its forms Immunity is the body's ability to defend against infections and germ- related onslaughts. Building a strong immunity, therefore, is really a reference to strengthening the body's immune system or defense mechanism, and it makes intuitive sense that the stronger the body's defense mechanism, the weaker one's chances of losing a fight against infection. My friend's first grader describes immunity as a big protective shield around his body that germs and infections cannot penetrate; they just "bounce off." That is, in fact, the general perception around immunity. What is not common knowledge, though, is that there are different types of immunity and each type has an important role to play in the body's defense mechanism. Innate immunity is that which one is born with, and it comes complete with physical barriers and cellular fighters. As an example, the skin acts as a barrier against foreign invaders, and if something was to slip by, the cellular fighters not only get busy fighting the invaders but also have friends that go out and recruit more fighters! Adaptive immunity, on the other hand, is what one acquires over the course of their lifetime as they are exposed to diseases via contact and The Industry Roadshow will be your chance to get the materials you typically would have received in-person at The Almond Conference. More than 20 towns are on the schedule, from Red Bluff to Buttonwillow. Visit Almonds. com/Events for details as Roadshow dates are still being determined, due to COVID-19. New in 2021: Irrigation Summit ABC will host its first Irrigation Summit in 2021, bringing together irrigation designers and growers to discuss current irrigation technology and what future technologies may hold. "Installing an irrigation system is a once-in-twenty-years decision for growers," Devol said. "This event is an opportunity for irrigation designers to learn how irrigation systems are being designed in other almond growing regions around the world and understand some of the new directions where design is headed." New in 2021: Groundwater Recharge Guidance ABC, in partnership with Sustainable Conservation, will release detailed guidance to help growers evaluate their options for recharging groundwater. With new restrictions for groundwater pumping under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), recharge could be a useful practice in helping growers balance supply and demand for groundwater. For more information about all upcoming events, including dates, times and locations, make sure you bookmark and regularly check on your desktop, mobile or tablet. For questions about the Industry Roadshow, please contact Devol at Managed groundwater recharge offers one of the most cost-effective methods for bringing basins into compliance by mitigating overdraft and improving water quality. Continued from page 4 5

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