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Tablets & Capsules March/April 2021 32E nutraceutical ingredients & excipients Calcium-based excipients Omyanutra naturally sourced calcium carbonate excipient offers a high loading capacity for nutraceutical actives and oils. Excipient provides compactibility and absorption properties for formulating rapidly disintegrating tablets, and its structure increases tablets' mechanical stability, reducing costs and simplifying the conditioning process. Company also manufactures Omyaforte, which offers increased levels of bioavailable calcium compared to calcium citrate and natural calcium carbonate. Excipient's mineral composition increases the solubility of calcium salt in acidic environments, such as gastric juice, for enhanced bioac- cessibility and improved calcium uptake in the bloodstream. Omya, Cincinnati, OH 513 387 4600 Clean-label carrier excipient Nu-Sorb excipient offers nutraceutical manufacturers of high-oil ingredients an alternative to synthetic carriers. Clean-label excipient is a blend of rice fiber, oat fiber, and sunflower lecithin that provides the oil-holding capacity necessary to produce powders, tablets, and capsules. Company also offers other natural and organic rice-based ingredients that are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free for the food, beverage, pet, and dietary supplement industries. Ribus, St. Louis, MO 314 727 4287 Filler-binder excipient galenIQ 721 isomalt filler-binder and carrier is suitable for formulating probi- otic powders, capsules, and tablets. During tableting, the excipient requires low compression forces, which alleviates mechanical stress on the probiotic cultures. Additionally, the sweet-tasting excipient provides a smooth mouthfeel and masks unpleasant tastes, enhancing the palatability of the final supplement product. Excipient has low hygroscopicity and does not release water through desorption. Beneo, Parsippany, NJ 973 867 2140 Lactose-free excipient Reta M lactose-free co-processed excipient is designed for direct compression and dry granulation of modified-release formulations. Excipient can also be used in roller compaction, spheronization, and extrusion processes or as a thickener in the preparation of aqueous HPMC formulations. HPMC/mannitol-based excip- ient offers prolonged drug release up to 13 hours and a high loading capacity up to 50 percent drug load. Excipient's particle size distribution and bulk density provide fair flowability and blending capabilities. Meggle USA, Pawling, NY 845 289 0264

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