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Tablets & Capsules March/April 2021 47 Research Achievement in Excipient Technology award. This award rec- ognizes individuals working in an industrial setting who have made sig- nificant contributions in the field of excipient technology. Shaukat is a long-standing member of the USP Excipient Expert panel and has sup- ported pharmaceutical excipients and drug development projects at BASF for 16 years. Recro Pharma, an oral solid dos- age product CDMO, has appointed James Miller, the founder and former president of PharmSource, to the com- pany's board of directors. Throughout his career, Miller has advised major CDMOs on business strategy, invest- ment decisions, and acquisitions and has served on due diligence teams for high profile acquisitions made by pri- vate equity firms. Metrics Contract Services, a full-service CDMO of novel oral solid dose (OSD) products, has appointed Britton Jimenez as vice president of business development. He will be responsible for marketing and sales in an executive leadership capacity to support the growing demand for (OSD) projects. Prior to this appoint- ment, Jimenez served as global director of business development at Catalent Pharma Solutions. Romaco, a European pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer, has appointed Stefan Auernig as general manager, operations, of Romaco China. He will be responsible for the Solids Process Centre as well as for the production and development of Romaco technolo- gies in China. Romaco also appointed Kuldeep Bhokare as director of pro- cessing and Ralph Gross as director of the Romaco China's Customer Centre. Adam Rosenthal joined ProMach, a provider of packaging machinery, as director of marketing for the com- pany's pharmaceutical business line. Rosenthal will be responsible for leading strategies and initiatives that promote the company's packaging machinery in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biopharmaceutical, and personal care industries. ing development service with QA and non-destructive leak testing. ExciPact certifies JRS Pharma's India site BRUSSELS, Belgium—ExciPact, an international non-profit organization that provides voluntary third-party GMP certification to excipient man- ufacturers, has certified JRS Pharma's manufacturing site in Gujarat, India. The certification demonstrates that the site manufactures microcrystal- line cellulose according to ExciPact's GMP standards. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, these certificates offer customers risk assessment assur- ance without the need to travel. Hovione launches ASD screening service LISBON, Portugal—Hovione has launched a screening service for spray- dried dispersions called ASD-HIPROS. The platform is a tool for identifying optimal and commercially viable amor- phous solid dispersion formulations by spray drying. Using an advanced com- putational tool, the platform is able to rapidly screen for the best combination of polymers, drug loads, surfactants, and solvents. This is followed by producing scale-independent represen- tative samples of the most promising formulations, which are evaluated for performance and stability. Catalent acquires Acorda DPI site SOMERSET, NJ—Catalent has acquired Acorda's dry powder inhaler (DPI) capsule manufacturing and pack- aging facility located in Chelsea, MA. The site features commercial- and clin- ical-scale DPI capsule manufacturing suites, including a PSD-7 spray dryer. This acquisition will expand Catal- ent's current capabilities, providing turnkey DPI solutions for initial devel- opment and device selection, capsule manufacture and packaging, product characterization, and release testing. people news The IPEC Foundation has awarded Shaukat Ali its Henk de Jong Industry Traditional Medicine, Therapies and Modern Health Care. June 21-22 in Tokyo, Japan. Conducted by Con- ferenceSeries (traditionalmedicine, 201 380 5561). Solid Dose Manufacturing. June 22-24 in Cleveland, OH. Conducted by Techceuticals (www.techceuticals. com, 216 658 8038). Microtab Compression Tooling, Compaction, and Data Normalization. June 24 in Telford, PA. Conducted by Natoli Scientific (, 636 926 8900). Tooling Maintenance Series- Polish. June 24. Online. Conducted by I Hol- land (, info@ DIA Global Annual Meeting. June 27-July 1. Online. Conducted by Drug Information Association (www.dia, 215 442 6100). Process Development Symposium. June 30-July 1 in Frankfurt, Germany. Conducted by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (www.aiche. org, 800 242 4363). supplier news Sepha launches contract packaging service BELFAST, UK—Sepha, a sup- plier of pharmaceutical packaging and machinery, has launched a con- tract packaging service at its Belfast facility to meet the rising demand for small-batch production in the phar- maceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device industries. The service aims to provide cost-effective, low volume runs of blister and medical device packs with short turnaround times. The Bel- fast site will house a range of dedicated blister packaging equipment to accom- modate small-batch packaging projects including cold-form and thermoform blisters, MAP packs, trays for medical devices, and temperature- and humidi- ty-controlled packaging. The company will also offer a holistic blister packag-

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