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SiG MT 21 SiG MT 21 Lindeman's Framboise pours rose red and maintains a light frothy pink head right to the very end. e aroma of raspberries dominates with a powerful flavor profile following suit. e spontaneous fermentation with the wild airborne yeasts and the addition of raspberries to the brew maturation process yields a tangy, soly carbonated ale with a delicate tart and crisp finish. is beer checks in with a nearly nonexistent ABV of 2.5%... definitely a beer I could drink all day. Framboise makes for an excellent aperitif and pairs nicely with oysters or caviar. It is also a culinary go-to for making things like sauces for example. e 11.2-ounce stubby boled Cherry Chouffe pours surprisingly dark yet clear with a large reddish head that dissipates to the edges quickly leaving a frilly webbed lace in its wake. It has a pleasant, candy-like cherry aroma (reminiscent of a cherry Jolly Rancher) with underlying hints of crackery wheatiness, Belgian yeastiness and a muted earthy green hoppiness. e taste floods the palate with cherry sweetness, much like a cherry soda, while subtle under currents of apple, pear and port wine blend for a decidedly tangy tilt with a sour, malty sweet finish. is sweet tooth satisfier may have an 8% ABV but the fruit plays the leading role. e 16-ounce Delirium Red (can) pours a dark purplish red color with a large light pink head that dissipates slowly leaving minimal lacing. It has a so fruity nose with hints of mildly sour cherries and almondy sweetness. Armed with a sweet cherry flavor, subtle hints of forest fruits and berries mingle in the background and seem to cover up any taste of alcohol despite it being 8% ABV. is is followed by an increasing bierness, but it evens out to a nice balanced finish of sour, sweet and bier. If you love raspberries and beer, then Founders Blushing Monk might be just the ticket. is Belgian-style ale is fermented with pure raspberries that dominate the smeller from first sniff to last sip. In addition, fresh notes of bready malt, earthy Belgian yeast and clove compliment the aroma. e medium-bodied palate offers a fruity tartness that conceals the high 9.2% ABV. If you want a Belgian style raspberry beer that packs a hearty ABV punch, you can't go wrong with Blushing Monk. So, there you have it… a lile Belgian beer education to tuck away for future tasting. Keep challenging your palate with great beer. From the tip of my beer mug to yours! Cheers! Beer Man BEER MAN Your Spring Apparel Headquarters Your Spring Apparel Headquarters KA A NS UF M E N S W E A R C E N T R E 411 Central Avenue, Great Falls 406.761.5010 1116 9th Street South • Great Falls, MT 4 0 6 . 7 7 1 . 7 4 5 6 4 0 6 . 7 7 1 . 7 4 5 6 w h e a t m o n t a n a . c o m Perfect... Morning or Afternoon.

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