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18 May/June 2021 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus coating Tablet coater VHC-Multi Hi-Coater tablet coater supports multiple fully perforated coating pans from pilot to production capacities. Each coating pan is rated from 10 to 100 percent brim volume capacity and incorporates a proprietary mounting method accessible through the front of the pan. Coater uses AT spray guns mounted on a manifold spray bar system that offers controlled pattern and atomization airflow at varying supply pressures, suitable for multiple product use. Freund-Vector, Marion, IA 319 377 8263 Coaters Company's wide range of coaters and perforated pans ensure uniform coating distribution and offer high batch-size flexibility. Perfima film coater features a pan with specially shaped baffles that maintain content uniformity in batch sizes ranging from 25 to 100 percent of pan capacity. Effecta coater meets pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry requirements, especially for the pro- duction of generics and over-the-counter products, and features wave-shaped baffles that guarantee effective spray application and mixing of tablet cores. Mylab coater is ergonomically designed and GMP compliant for both R&D and production batches. All coaters feature easy scale-up, reproducible recipes, high containment, energy savings, and fully automatic cleaning systems. Com- pany has installed more than 1,500 coaters worldwide. IMA North America, Leominster, MA 978 537 8534 Tablet coaters Flex 500 tablet coater features six exchangeable drums with batch capacities ranging from 40 to 920 liters. Drums remove and replace easily, significantly increasing production flexibility and reducing downtime between batches. Fully perforated and side-vented drums provide turbulence-free, high-volume airflow, allowing efficient application of film, sugar, functional, and API-layer coatings. Compu-Coat recipe-driven control system is set up for multi- language operation. Smooth drum surfaces and water-tight inflatable seals on access doors allow for a fully contained, wash-in-place procedure. Thomas Engineering, Elgin, IL 847 358 5800

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