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24 May/June 2021 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus continuous manufacturing Feeders Company's feeders are designed to meet the growing demand for continuous phar- maceutical processing. Feeder design incorporates a D4 platform scale and the company's Smart Force Transducer weighing technology, allowing for multi- feeder clusters when making multi-ingredient formulations while conserving floor space. Unit's modular design is easy to clean and maintain, allowing for easy exchange of feeder types and sizes as well as hoppers or agitators using the same scale and drive for fast adaptation to new processes and formulations. Company offers three feeder types (QT20, QT35, and QS60) in both twin- and single-screw models that can be used with the same scale and drive combination. Feeder is ideal for multi-feeder clustering in a variety of continuous processes, including direct compression, continuous extrusion, wet and dry granulation, and continuous coat- ing, as well as traditional batch processes. Coperion K-Tron, Sewell, NJ 856 256 3175 Formulation unit Gericke Formulation Skid (GFS) formulation unit speeds production and ensures consistent quality of tablets, capsules, sachets, and powders by integrating preci- sion feeding, weighing, and continuous mixing of multiple active ingredients and excipients as a single step in a non-stop process. Model GFS-C allows manufactur- ers to test and perfect formulations in a self-contained, skid-mounted platform then expand to full production using the identical system without requiring addi- tional equipment. Unit delivers a homogeneous distribution of ingredients in minutes with a formulation accuracy of 0.1 to 0.5 percent. Formulation unit can serve as stand-alone product or integrate into existing processes such as wet or dry granulation, sachet or capsule filling, direct compression, and hot-melt extrusion. Other features of the turnkey system include quick interior access for easy, verifi- able cleaning and fast disassembly. Gericke Group, Somerset, NJ 855 888 0088 Continuous bulk blender Model VIM-124-S316 sanitary, variable-intensity, continuous blender provides low- to high-shear mixing for high-speed blending of bulk solid materials. Unit produces homogeneous mixers in as little as 20 seconds residence time and at a throughput rate of 200 cubic feet per hour. Blender's externally mounted bearings with sanitary-type seals support a single high-speed rotating agitator. Unit's optional injection port allows for the addition of liquids for dedusting and agglom- erating dry materials, as well as for producing pastes, emulsions, and slurries. For washdown or sanitization, water or cleaning solution can be introduced through injection ports and retained by an optional gate at the outlet of the discharge chute before running the blender to dislodge any solids adhering to the interior surfaces. Munson Machinery, Utica, NY 315 797 0090

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