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TABLETS & CAPSULES Tablets & Capsules (ISSN 1549-9928 print; ISSN 1938-9159 online) is published by CSC Publishing, Inc, 1155 Northland Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55120. w w w . t a b l e t s c a p s u l e s . c o m May/June 2021 Volume 19 Number 3 Cover photo shows interior of Croma continuous tablet coa t er. C oa t er 's m o du lar cons truction allows users to connect multiple units in series or parallel to achieve various tablet throughput and coating weight gain require- ments. Courtesy of IMA North America. For more informa- tion, email guia.bertuzzi@ima. it or visit Markets 6 Industry news 6 Industry innovations 44 Advertiser index 46 Calendar 47 Supplier news 47 People news 48 Product update 48 COATING Trends in continuous lm-coating processes 8 Stuart C. Porter Issue focus: Coating 18 CONTINUOUS MANUFACTURING Continuous versus batch pharmaceutical manufacturing Q&A 20 Issue focus: Continuous manufacturing 24 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE How to assess a formulation's compaction and lubrication properties to improve tableting 26 Michael J. Gamlen and Rebecca U. McVicker Why metal detectors miss metal fragments and how to improve detection 31 Ray Spurgeon Particle size: reduction, separation, & analysis: A survey of what's available 36 Eye on Excipients 38 Kathryn Hewlett, Elizabeth Tocce, and Meinolf Brackhagen Counters & bottle llers: A survey of what's available 45 Back page Cover 3 Joe McGuinness DEPARTMENTS

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