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Tablets & Capsules May/June 2021 45 A survey of what's available counters & bottle fillers Electronic counter Pharmafill TC3 electronic counter automatically counts square, triangular, pen- tagonal, and other oddly shaped tablets and capsules. Unit's Airguide system automatically sets the solid dosage forms into a single layer and directs the flow of each individual product from the hopper to the counting mechanism. System also prevents tablets and capsules from interlocking and directs each product unit to the center of the counting sensor, ensuring high accuracy while minimiz- ing jams and miscounts. Counter reaches counting speeds of up to 2,500 tablets per minute or 60 bottles per minute depending on the product size and shape. Unit's height adjusts to accept bottles up to 10 inches tall. System comes with a variable speed, vibratory feeder, a touch-screen HMI for quick flow rate adjust- ments, and a two-year warranty. Deitz, Wall, NJ 732 681 0200 Electronic counter-filler Countec DMC-120 electronic counter-filler uses 24 tracks and twin filling noz- zles to fill as many as 120 100-count bottles per minute with tablets or capsules. Counter accepts tablets from 3 to 20 millimeters in diameter and up to 2.2 mil- limeters thick, as well as capsules in sizes from 00 to 5. Unit fills bottles from 20 to 120 millimeters in diameter and up to 230 millimeters tall. DMC counters use infrared sensors that provide high counting accuracy and feature dark-time adjustability to detect broken or double tablets. Options include an automatic tablet lifter, a funnel vibrator, and a bottle vibrator. Key International, Cranbury, NJ 609 619 3685 Electronic tablet counter MPS VC-12 multi-lane electronic tablet counter is simple to operate and can count almost any product with high accuracy. Unit's compact, GMP design features no-bottle and bottle-backup sensors and wide-beam laser counting sen- sors. Other features include multi-port dust extraction, gating cylinder bottle indexing, pneumatic clamp-on trays, programmable recipe storage, input/output diagnostics, and easy-to-clean surfaces. Modular Packaging Systems, Rockaway, NJ 973 970 9393

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