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July 2021

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JULY 2021 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 17 Being properly hydrated has a transcendent effect on our lives, proving that beverage temperature impacts how much we drink, our overall energy, and our happiness and optimism. But it's not just the temperature that drives ice consumption – 54% of respondents expressed other important sensory experiences that result from ice, such as the sound it makes, its texture and how it looks in a glass. With nearly 60% of Americans saying they would drink more water if they had easier access to perfectly chilled water, Bosch is delivering on the consumer need for rapid, reliable and freshly filtered ice production as part of its expanding refrigeration line with the QuickIcePro System™ refrigerator. "This acute consumer demand for quick, easy access to ice speaks to the basic need of staying hydrated and the simple joy of savoring a refreshing beverage throughout the day," said Anja Prescher, Bosch Brand Director. "Ice could be the key to a bevy of positive feelings and behaviors, and ultimately achieving better overall wellness, which is why we've expanded our refrigeration line with the QuickIcePro System to provide rapid ice replenishment – because running to the store for ice is one less thing consumers should have to worry about. It's little details like this that sit at the core of Bosch innovation, and we're proud to deliver on these needs with our newest refrigerators, improving quality of life for consumers across the nation." While it's no surprise consumers love a chilled beverage as opposed to one at room temperature, this inner obsession for ice is trending up with more time spent at home. The study showed that 53% of respondents realized the need for better ice production during the COVID-19 pandemic, with 64% of Americans running out of ice multiple times per year. Beyond a simple glass of water, consumers have shown a demand for other beverages, such as soda and spirits, to be at the perfect temperature as well. With more time spent in the heart of the home than ever before, Bosch has identified three top refrigeration trends that meet our ever-evolving food and beverage needs: 1. Fast, freshly filtered ice – Americans view ice as a key element of enjoying a beverage. Eighty-three percent of individuals consume at least one glass of ice in a day, with 58% consuming one to five glasses and 25% consuming six to ten or more. Sixty-six percent run to the store for ice at least once a month to keep up with household demand, with 34% making trips three to five times per month. The new QuickIcePro System refrigerator from Bosch is the industry's fastest refrigerator ice maker*, producing fast, freshly filtered ice at a rapid rate – up to 12 pounds** or 40 glasses of ice per day*** – to minimize the need to run to the store for more. 2. Optimized beverage storage – Americans have shown nearly equal the interest in beverage temperature as they've shown for ice, proving that storing beverages at the right temperature is every bit as important. In fact, 56% of Americans agree that having a drink at the wrong temperature has the potential to make their day less enjoyable. The new Bosch Refreshment

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