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Way More Than a Workout URBAN AFFAIRS HOT YOGA NEIGHBORHOODS H E L E N A M O N T A N A 206 West Lawrence Street • Helena, MT I TEXT BY HOLLY MATKIN PHOTOGRAPHY BY JINNY JANDRON SIGNATURE MONTANA | 13 f you're looking for a way to improve strength, awareness, and overall well-being while also challenging both your body and mind, a stop by Hot Yoga Helena should be at the top of your to-do list. e studio offers more than 20 exhilarating classes with modifications to meet each student's specific needs and abilities. You also have the option of aending via Zoom or from their solo hot yoga room down the street. Check out for the most up-to-date class schedules and event information and to sign up for the membership option that works best for you. You can also find Hot Yoga Helena on Instagram and Facebook. Phone: (406) 202-1451 "People have a misunderstanding because of some other kinds of hot yoga that the room is 115 degrees, but that's not the kind of studio we are," explains Nicky Twitchell, owner of Hot Yoga Helena. "Our heat is at or below body temperature, so it isn't that scary kind of hot yoga where you think you could die." Nicky uses far-infrared heat as opposed to the forced air method found in some studios. "e heat adds even more stress to the body, so being stressed and breathing through it is part of the process," she says. "Hot yoga comes from a lineage that believes the physical practice of yoga should spark heat and create a fire and change your body and your life like a hammer to an anvil." "It isn't what I would call calm or meditative," she adds. "It is powerful. We're preparing our bodies for meditation." Hot Yoga Helena offers a variety of membership options, including reservations, drop-ins, travelers' specials, on-demand classes, and full-access studio memberships, among others. "Our teachers are the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors around," Nicky says. "People visit from all over the world have said it is the best class they've ever taken." (use back entrance) Nicky invites you to come feel the heat! Push your body and open your mind. Step inside to experience a new level of yoga. The studio's bold colors are as energizing as the workouts!

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