Cannabis Patient Care - March/April 2022

Cannabis Patient Care March/April 2022

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16 cannabis patient care | vol. 3 no. 1 research focus people who use drugs and report chronic pain," PLoS Med (2019). Retrieved from file?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.1002967&type=printable. (25) P.G. Fine and M.J. Rosenfeld, "The Endocannabinoid System, Cannabinoids, and Pain," Rambam Maimonides Med J. (2013). Retrieved from uploads/2013/11/Cannabinoids_Pain_PFMR-298.pdf. (26) V. Modesto-Lowe, R. Bojka, and C. Alvarado, "Cannabis for peripheral neuropathy: The good, the bad, and the unknown," Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine (2018). Retrieved from drug-therapy/cannabis-peripheral-neuropathy-good-bad-and-unknown. (27) D. Sulak, "How to Use Cannabis to Reduce and Replace Opioid Medications," Healer (2018). Retrieved from content/uploads/2018/04/Healer-Medical-Cannabis-Opioid-Guide.pdf. (28) P. Grinspoon, "Access to medical marijuana reduces opioid prescriptions," Harvard Health Blog (2019, Jun 25). Retrieved from marijuana-reduces-opioid-prescriptions-2018050914509. (29) Cannabinoids & Opioids. Accurate Education. Retrieved from medical-marijuana-cannabinoids-opioids/. (30) M. Lynch and A. Clark, "Cannabis Reduces Opioid Dose in the Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain," Journal of Pain and Symptom Management (2003).Retrieved from https://www. (31) L. Lowe, "Cannabis as a tool in harm reduction: A Canadian perspective," Health Europa (2019). Retrieved from a-tool-in-the-harm-reduction-of-opioid-use-a-canadian-perspective/92297/. (32) A. Bradford, et al. "Association Between US State Medical Cannabis Laws and Opioid Prescribing in the Medicare Part D Population," JAMA Intern Med. (2018). Retrieved from https://jamanetwork. com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2676999. (33) (34) (35) about the author RUTH FISHER, PhD, is a systems design researcher and analyst. She analyzes markets to determine how environments shape outcomes. She is co-founder of CannDynamics, Inc., and author of The Medical Cannabis Primer and Winning the Hardware-Soft- ware Game: Using Game Theory to Optimize the Pace of New Technology Adoption. Dr. Fisher has worked in the technology and healthcare sectors on behalf of technology companies, ear- ly-stage researchers, physicians, and technology start-ups.

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