Pharmaceutical Technology - May 2022

Pharmaceutical Technology- May 2022

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16 Pharmaceutical Technology TRENDS IN MANUFACTURING 2022 eBOOK P h a r mTe c h . c o m Biologics A treatment that has been top-of-mind in recent years is cell and gene therapies (CGTs). Many companies and organizations investigate the potential of this type of treatment to address unmet medical needs. While significant headway has been made, CGTs are in their infancy. But with the potential to cure diseases, CGTs could change the future of treatments for certain conditions. "[CGTs] offer for the first time the possibility to offer truly dis- ease-modifying treatments, providing options for conditions con- sidered intractable or where the current standard of care is insuf- ficient," says Bayer AG company sources. While headway has been made for CGTs, there is still much to consider for how manufacturing can be improved, which ultimately impacts the success of a drug product. "Safety and efficacy of CGTs are strongly determined by produc- tion process quality," says Bayer AG company sources. "Therefore, robust manufacturing processes are a fundamental factor for their success. Scalability and optimizing chemistry, manufacturing, and control [CMC] processes from preclinical research to early usage and ultimately full-scale commercialization remain critical aspects in the translation of these technologies to tangible treatments." What's next for CGTs? Where has the industry made headway, and what challenges are still ahead? Moreover, what potential trends are on the horizon? Pharmaceutical Technology interviewed Elena Meurer, principal consultant, Biopharma Excellence, a Pharmalex company; Mathew Opportunities for Growth and Breakthroughs for Cell and Gene Therapies Meg Rivers CGTs offer hope for the future of treatments, but the costly manufacturing, slow turnaround time, and need for supplies hinder progress. MOPIC - STOCK.ADOBE.COM

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