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Page 57 of 60 | Machinery Lubrication Special Edition 2023 | 21 ML DoN'Ts • Don't goof around or conduct horseplay within the lube room. • Don't wear open-toed shoes. • Don't leave ANY lubricant container open to the environment. • Don't store used or waste oil in the lube room. • Don't eat in or around the lube room. • Don't perform non-lubricant-related activities within the lube room. • Don't store gasoline, diesel, kerosene or other f lammable substances in the lube room. • Don't hold the grease gun coupling as you grease a component. • Don't reach into or past any machine guards. • Don't lubricate energized equipment unless the proper safety measures are in place to prevent injury, harm or death. • Don't drain the oil in a rotating gear box. • Don't smoke or have an open flame or spark nearby when relubricating. • Don't perform any lubrication or main- tenance-related task on a machine unless the proper Job Safety Analysis (JSA) has been filled out. • Don't allow untrained personnel to perform lubrication tasks. Call Noria to get them the proper training. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Start your FREE Subscription Today! Read online and subscribe at The Trusted Machinery Lubrication Authority for Over 20 Years For more than 20 years, industry professionals have turned to Machinery Lubrication for cuing-edge insights, best practices and expert advice to help maximize their machinery's performance, reliability and lifespan. Scan to start your FREE subscription Stay Safe You may have heard a lot of these before, but they still ring true whether you're the oiler, the maintenance tech or just a helper. Safety should be a priority to each individual, not just each facility. I personally follow safety guidelines so that I stay healthy and fit to go do the things I love to do outside of work. I would hate to get hurt on the job and not be able to work or be there for my family if needed. So remember, when you are sitting in a long safety brief, that safety starts with you, and it is for you. ML

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