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June 2024

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JUNE 2024 12 MIELE LAUNCHES COMBINATION OVEN FOR PROJECT BUSINESS New appliance offers space-saving solution with premium performance Miele, a world-leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances, will debut a new 24-inch Combination Oven suited for the project business (multi-unit housing and high-rise dwellings). With both electric and induction cooking surface options, developers can select based on their project's specific needs. This sleek black appliance will have a single control panel for the oven and cooktop, featuring an Easy Control seven-segment display with knob, located on the oven for more usable cooking surface space. The design configuration with the cooking surface installed within the countertop and the oven sitting beneath it makes for an elegant, modern look that provides flexible cooking options. The PerfectClean finish ensures easy cleaning, while the touch-cool front protects against burns. Time management is seamless thanks to timer functions. With a single power source, homeowners can power both appliances in their kitchen with one outlet, opening up more space and functionality. "The unique combination of two cooking appliances – a cooktop and an oven – opens up new possibilities for the project sector," said Kelly Lam, VP, Marketing at Miele USA. "We're thrilled to offer this technology to the building community so that more customers can experience premium Miele performance in their kitchens." The H 2455 I Active 208V Oven will be available starting in Q2 2024. For more information, please visit GE PROFILE ™ MAKES SMOKING FOOD ON KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS POSSIBLE WITH ITS SMART INDOOR SMOKER The revolutionary food smoker brings the taste of the great outdoors indoors and debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. GE Profile™ announced the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker with Active Smoke Filtration. The GE Profile™ Smart Indoor Smoker provides a revolutionary way to experience a time-honored cooking method – smoking food, without the hobbyist hassle. With innovative technology and countertop convenience, smoked food no longer requires a huge time commitment, plus a backyard and nice weather. As the first and only indoor smoker, the Indoor Smoker generates fresh smoke flavor using wood pellets and circulates the smoke throughout the inside of the smoker. Its innovative Active Smoke Filtration technology keeps the smoke inside the unit, not in your kitchen. Users will smell the aroma of the food cooking. Creating flexibility for users from novice to pro, smoke intensity and temperature can be separately dialed in to achieve perfect flavor, thanks to a separate heat source for burning pellets and cooking foods. Whether a hint of smoke or full smoke flavor is preferred, the Indoor Smoker gives cooks the ability to customize. Five adjustable smoke settings let users control the smoke levels until they find their ideal flavor. This level of customization allows cooks to explore barbeque favorites or new recipes with ease and achieve consistent results. The six preset food settings create amazing results for brisket, pork ribs, pork butt, chicken wings, chicken breast, and salmon, using a heat source at the bottom of the appliance. Users can also customize their own food and smoke settings JUNE INDUSTRY [ N E W S ]

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