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BOOk STORE Practical Lubrication for Industrial Facilities — Second Edition Author: Heinz P. Bloch, P.E. Completely revised, this new edition includes the latest material on oil analysis, bearing protector seals and the energy conservation aspects of lube oil application and selection. Information on synthe- sized hydrocarbons and oil mist lubrication is thoroughly reviewed. It addresses the full scope of indus- trial lubricants, including general-purpose oils, hydraulic fluids, food-grade and environmentally friendly lubricants, synthetic lubricants, greases, pastes, waxes and tribosystems. Daily One-Minute Lubrication Inspections and Field Tests Authors: Jim Fitch and Robert Scott Routine inspection of a machine's lubrication system is one of the easiest and most productive ways to avoid equipment failure. This book describes many lubrica- tion-related variables that can be quickly and easily monitored in a short timeframe. These inspections will be revealing and can serve as the foundation of a precision lubri- cation management program. Wear Particle Atlas Publisher: Noria Corporation Wear particle analysis supports identification of wear modes within a machine based on the quantity, morphology and composition of particles present in a representative lubricant sample. The Wear Particle Atlas is a guide to wear particle identification with photographs of typical wear particles found in used lubricating oil, illustrative case histories and operational procedures for wear debris analysis. Automotive Lubricants and Testing Authors: Simon C. Tung and George E. Totten This book provides a comprehen- sive overview of various lubrication aspects of a typical powertrain system, including the engine, transmission, driveline and other components. It also covers lubrication fundamentals and lubricant testing methods that are influenced by lubricant additive formu- lation and engine hardware changes. Oil Sampling Procedure Posters Publisher: Noria Corporation This set of three posters visually displays step-by-step oil sampling procedures for in-service lubricants and hydraulics. Each poster includes a list of required equipment necessary to follow the procedure. The procedures featured in the set are for high fluid pressure systems, low fluid pressure systems and systems at atmospheric pressure. e Practical Handbook of Machinery Lubrication – Fourth Edition Authors: Robert Scott, Jim Fitch and Lloyd Leugner The completely rewritten Fourth Edition addresses specific new topics such as oil properties and testing, oil analysis, grease applications, journal bearings, compressors, contamination control, storage and handling, wear and failure mechanisms, and troubleshooting. It retains the easy-reading nature of the original book with restructured chap- ters to heighten the focus on reliability and provide further detail on recent changes in industry practices. Best Practices for Oil Sampling Training Video Format: DVD Publisher: Noria Corporation Correct and accurate sample collection is the critical first step in a successful oil analysis program. Without representative oil samples, oil analysis may just be a waste of time and money. This 48-minute video shows you how to design and imple- ment a world-class oil sampling program that will deliver better results and help you focus on improving equipment reliability. Welcome to Machinery Lubrication's Bookstore, designed to spotlight lubri- cation-related books. For a complete listing of books of interest to lubrication professionals, check out the Bookstore at For descriptions, complete table of contents and excerpts from these and other lubrication-related books, and to order online, visit or call 1-800-597-5460, ext. 204. 44 January - February 2014 |

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