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Tablets & Capsules April 2018 21 this part of the setup aren't critical to the function of the flow meter, but you should be sure to follow the coater manufacturer's instructions to complete the setup process. Once the entire coating system is set up, filled, and ready to spray, you should re-zero the flow meter. You should also re-zero the meter before each batch because of all the external influences that could affect the flow meter any time a new batch is started. This is more difficult if your flow meter doesn't have an externally mounted transmitter, but it's important nonetheless and should be performed prior to every batch. T&C Bill Maschinot is an independent consultant who has held a variety of positions at several pharmaceutical companies, primarily in manufacturing solid dosage forms as a Six Sigma black belt, process engineer, process scientist, equipment maintenance engineer, and manufacturing manager. You can contact him with questions about this article or for further equipment recommendations based on your specific scenario at 937 545 9821 or Side view Figure 1 Proper mounting method for a single-tube Coriolis flow meter Wall mounting plate ( 1 / 4 -inch stainless steel or 1 / 2 -inch Teflon) Flow meter Transmitter (optional) Mounting bolts Mounting brackets Mounting brackets Front view Top view Tri-clover clamp Tri-clover clamp Tri-clover clamp Tri-clover clamp 6-inch stainless steel extension tube 6-inch stainless steel extension tube

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