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30 April 2018 Tablets & Capsules Issue focus coating Continuous coater Driaconti-T continuous coater for R&D and production offers quality coating while providing the efficiency and flexibility of non-stop processing. In operation, a hopper with a vibrating chute weighs out the product cores before they enter the first coating drum chamber. The drum is divided into sections, each dedicated to a single processing step. After each step, flaps open and the contents move to the next section; finished products unload via a discharge funnel. Process parameters, such as the spray rate and airflow of each section, are recipe driven. Compact coater shortens cleaning time and improves product uniformity compared to traditional film coaters. Continuous coater handles 1 to 500 kilograms of material per hour. Options include integrated PAT devices to monitor coating thickness and uniformity. Company also offers batch coaters, sorters, inspection systems, and tablet lifting equipment. Driam USA, Spartanburg, SC 864 579 7850 Tabletop lab coater LDCS-Micro Hi-Coater tabletop lab coater is suitable for conducting process feasibility and development and for coating clinical batches of tablets. Unit uses either a 0.5- or 1-liter fully perforated, anti-marking pan that includes removable mixing baffles and integral anti-slide baffles. Anti-bearding spray gun provides consistent coating and is mounted on a spray bar for easy adjustment and removal. Integrated peristaltic pump is mounted on the front enclosure to ease cleaning and replacement of the solution tube. Validatable touch-screen process controls allow the operator to switch between recipe-driven and manual modes and adjust inlet airflow, pan pressure, exhaust and inlet temperatures, and solution spray rates. Freund-Vector, Marion, IA 319 377 8263 Tablet coaters Sejong Pharmatech SFC series tablet coaters range from the SFC-30 lab unit to the SFC-170D large-scale production unit and feature an air supply and exhaust structure designed to maximize drying efficiency. Coaters come equipped with automatically sliding spray guns to ensure even film and sugar coatings. Counter- rotating automatic discharger features an easy-to-remove scraper for faster cleaning. Coaters accommodate pans from 19 to 67 inches in diameter and handle batch sizes from 2 to 660 kilograms. Company also offers smaller units with interchangeable coating pans, a heat exchange unit, a dust collector, a tablet bed temperature sensor, and a dehumidifier. Key International, Cranbury, NJ 609 619 3685

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