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Tablets & Capsules April 2018 31 Tablet coaters Flex 500 tablet coater features six exchangeable drums with batch capacities ranging from 40 to 920 liters. Drums remove and replace easily, significantly increasing production flexibility and reducing downtime between batches. Fully perforated and side-vented drums provide turbulence-free, high-volume airflow, allowing efficient application of film, sugar, functional, and API-layer coatings. Compu-Coat recipe-driven control system is set up for multi-language operation. Smooth drum surfaces and water-tight inflatable seals on access doors allow for fully contained wash-in-place procedure. Thomas Engineering, Hoffman Estates, IL 847 358 5800 Bottom-spray coating system Hüttlin bottom-spray coating system overcomes some of the challenges associated with Wurster fluid-bed coating systems. Diskjet air distribution plate comes equipped with three-component nozzles that offer high spray rates cocurrent with the airflow. Because the spray zone is protected by an air shield, or microclimate, there is no need for inserts. Coater features no mechanical settings. Process transfer from a Wurster to the Hüttlin bottom-spray system is simple and can be proven with matched CQA. Due to the reduced number of variables, processes for new products can be developed using QbD principles. Scale-up is accurate and supported by Hüttlin NexStep software. Bottom-spray system also handles large weight gain applications without batch splitting, which avoids time-consuming intermediate handling and keeps the process contained. Coating system provides high coating homogeneity and tight weight gain distribution, leading to a faster process with higher yields, lower costs, and superior product quality. Bottom- spray coating system integrates with company's Solidlab 2 lab machine. Bosch Packaging Technologies, Minneapolis, MN 763 424 4700 LÖDIGE – ALWAYS THE RIGHT MIX Lödige Process Technology Elsener Str. 7-9 D-33102 Paderborn Your solution provider for: • Coating • Mixing • Granulating • Drying

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