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48 April 2018 Tablets & Capsules Blister packaging machine rejects defective products B Max platen-sealing, continuous-motion blister packaging machine handles thermo- and cold-form materials. Inspection cameras check blister seal integrity and ensure that only whole tablets/capsules are packaged. If faulty tablets/capsules or blister packs are detected, the machine's pick-and-place system removes them. Edge-to-edge cutting minimizes waste, and servos speed changeover. Other features include a Pace feeder system that handles challenging tablet shapes, GMP-compliant balcony design, and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant hardware and software. ACG North America, South Plainfield, NJ 908 757 3425 product update Continuous mixer ensures consistent final products Ploughshare KM mixer handles powdery, fibrous, or granular solids as well as liquids and pastes. Unit features a horizontal, cylindrical mixing drum and rotating shovels that lift the material away from the drum wall and force it into the open mixing area. This process counteracts the centrifugal force acting on the material to ensure homogeneous and consistent mixing with dwell times as short as 25 to 60 seconds. Mixing drum can be equipped with chopper units to disperse agglomerates and provide targeted granulation. Other options include heated or cooled drums, endplates, and shafts. Stainless steel mixer models come with drum capacities of 5 to 57,000 liters. Loedige, Paderborn, Germany +49 5251 309 213 Rotary valve facilitates sanitary discharge of powders ZZB rotary valve is suitable for sanitary pharmaceutical applications that require hygienic metering and discharge of powders. Unit is constructed of FDA-approved, corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is polished to an average surface roughness of 0.8 micrometers to avoid material deposits. Standard extraction device easily removes rotor from the housing and tri-clamp flange connections at both the inlet and outlet simplify installation and maintenance. Outboard bearings are separated from the material through a dropout opening with purged shaft seals. Rotary valve maintains a pressure differential up to 3 psi but can be modified to handle as much as 15 psi. Unit is available with inlet and outlet nominal diameters of 80 to 100 millimeters and is suitable for use in ex-zones. Coperion K-Tron, Salina, KS 785 825 1611

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