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SiG MT 25 Text by Amy Dardis BACK TO BUSINESS More doesn't always mean better. Transparency In Digital Advertising ...And Why Impressions Don't Really Matter It 's easy to fal l into the trap of more. But it 's impor tant to ask yourselves w hat i s it that you're actual ly af ter? W hat are you tr y ing to accompli sh w ith your marketing ? In today 's dig ital world there are so many marketing options and no end to the amount of people tr y ing to sel l you something. One of the more common sel ling tactics dig ital adver ti sers li ke to use i s to promi se you they ' l l get your ad a cer tain amount of "impressions". An impression just means it was di splayed. It doesn't mean people actual ly saw it or reg i stered it in their brain or engaged w ith it in any way. It al so doesn't mean that the impressions lead to tang ible results in your business...

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