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122 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • H O L I D A Y 2 0 1 5 Gard Hollinger (left) and Reeves wanted a motorcycle that performed as well as it looked. Reviewers have noted the aggressive cornering, stable chassis, engine torque and bespoke design. They also appreciate the fact that Reeves is a true motorcycle enthusiast. bought, an Interstate. Modified it a bit. I put Koni shocks on it and heavier fork springs, Axtell cams, raised the compression. I also have a '72 Combat with Dunstall pipes. And then my "mutt bike," a Fastback with a '68-'72 engine. I've always had an affair with Nortons though and learned everything about them I could. CM: Have you had a chance to ride through Carmel or Big Sur? Where are your favorite rides? KR: Yes, I've traveled through Big Sur many times and the beautiful winding roads and extraordinary ocean views—passed through gorgeous Carmel a couple times as well. CM: You're offering a "fantasy gift" of an "Arch Motorcycle and Ride Experience" in the 2015 Neiman Marcus Christmas book for $150,000. It includes a KRGT-1, and for two people, a two-day ride with you and Hollinger along the California Coast. What do you have planned for the buyers? KR: We wanted to offer a unique experience of a Limited Edition Arch KRGT-1 that will be fit- ted to the owner and presented to them in Los Angeles—and then spend a couple of days rid- ing with me and Gard and one of their friends—on another Arch KRGT-1—along some of our favorite fantastic rides here, through the Santa Monica Mountains, along the Pacific Coast Highway and the Angeles Forest— to be motorcyclists...enjoying the machines, going for a ride—sharing a meal, talking of the day—we would also tour the shop to show where and how the bikes are made. CM: $5000 of that "fantasy gift" will be going to charity. What are some of the charities that you are involved with? KR: The charities I am involved in range from support to education and arts for students and young people; rain forest preservation; inde- pendent theater ; and support for communities that have experienced natural disasters. Gard Hollinger Carmel Magazine: How did you and Keanu meet and form Arch Motorcycle Company togeth- er? What were the specific goals, and how did you accomplish them? How long did it take? Gard Hollinger : I met Keanu at my previous business, LA County Choprods. He liked the work I was doing there and asked if I would modify a Harley Davidson Dyna he had. As we got into the project, we began discussing what he wanted the bike to do and I was impressed and even inspired by his thoughtfulness and pas- sion for the riding experience. As the project progressed, I was further impressed by his artis- tic eye and how much our visions were collid- ing. He would be gone for long periods working on film projects and the bike took a while to complete. It moved along in stages waiting for his input/approval before moving to the next stage. As that bike was nearing completion, the combination of art and function that we were aiming for began to look familiar, like a concept bike might. But the best thing was that the bike was amazing to ride. Keanu actually began sug- gesting that we make some more and share them with the world even before the first one was done. I sort of kept rejecting the idea, knowing how challenging the industry can be, and would say, "Let me finish this one first…" but he was persistent and after some long dis- cussions, I began to believe we could offer something unique to the motorcycle world, which was intriguing to me. The real work began when we formed the company late in 2011 and got underway with all Photo: Barry Hathaway

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