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Spotlight On Caitie Sellers Jeweler/Metalsmith Asheville, NC Thursday May 24, 10:30 AM Kierland Grand Ballroom 2/3 We All Have Pigeons in Common – – Caitie's recent work is informed by time she spent living and volunteering in the Guatemalan highlands in 2008 and subsequent visits. Between trips to Central America and moves between Virginia, Montana, and North Carolina, Sellers has become fascinated with the things these important places in her life all have in common. Sellers will examine the evolution of her work as the physical necessities of her location dictated the details of its creation. She will discuss how the stability of her current situation is affecting her studio practice and ideation process. Loring Taoka Jeweler/Metalsmith New York, NY Thursday May 24, 12:15 PM Kierland Grand Ballroom 2/3 Sponsored by Obsidian Gallery Constructed Identities – Growing up bi-racial in rural New Hampshire, Loring's marginalized status was evident from an early age. Never completely meeting the social, cultural, and physical requirements of Japanese, American, or Japanese-American, his identities were in a state of constant flux. He was continually navigating the terrain between sets of labels and coming to terms with the understanding of those identities. Drawing from his personal histories, Loring's work questions notions of ambiguity, readability, and the experience of the Other. 22

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