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16 SMOKESHOP February 2016 Industry NEWS >>>PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, REGULATION, TRADE Bits&Pieces > Premium vaporizer developer PAX Labs, Inc. announced it has received a U.S. patent for the nicotine salt e-liquid formulation found in its innovative Juul e-cigarette, which uses nicotine salts found in leaf tobacco as its core ingredient rather than industry-standard free-base nicotine. Its special chemi- cal process and micro-tank vaporizer allow precise nic- otine strength and delivery for an unusually consistent and superior vaping experi- ence, says the manufacturer. > Spark Industries, LLC, Camarillo, Calif.-based makers of Cig2o e-ciga- rettes and Vapage vapor products, has signed a global licensing agree- ment for the use of vapor technology-related patents controlled by Netherlands- based Fontem Ventures B.V. in the U.S. and interna- tionally, under a settlement agreement that resolves lit- igation by Fontem. "Spark wanted across-the-board access to the patented, covered technology as a benefit to its constituent customers—distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers," said Spencer Thompson, president of Spark Industries/Spark Vapor Brands. By utilizing Fontem's intellectual prop- erty in the correct way, stressed Thomson, Spark is ensuring that its customers are protected from infring- ing upon Fontem's patents. miami—The Eiroa family, which operates two cigar factories and a tobacco farm operation in Honduras, is expanding its presence in the cigar industry. C.L.E. Cigars president Christian Eiroa announced that his father, Julio, and his brother, Justo, have established their own company, JRE Tobacco Co. Three brands that Julio created for C.L.E. Cigars in 2015 at his Las Lomas, Honduras factory— Aladino, Tatascan, and Rancho Luna—have been moved over to the new company, forming its core brands. As of February 1, JRE Tobacco Co. unveiled its own distribu- tion, sales, and marketing teams. "My father is truly a pioneer in the tobacco and cigar business," said Christian. "He is my mentor. My older brother and personal hero is an agricultural engineer (graduated from the Agriculture School El Zamorano University in Honduras). He spent over 22 years building a bottled water company in Honduras and the last four years with Campbell Soup Company. He is extremely knowledgeable in leaf tobacco and an expert in consumer products and distribution chain management." At last year's launch of Julio's brands, Christian explained it was long-standing dream of Julio's, who started his career at a farm in El Corojo, Cuba, to create his brands. "This decision was made to protect my father's spe- cific vision to present…traditional Cuban blends. He has not spared one expense and has personally taken care of every single detail of his tobacco and his blends. I sincerely hope you welcome them back into your stores with the same warmth you have shown me these past four years." In addition to Julio, who has farmed tobacco in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras since the 1960s and created numerous cigars as master blender at his previous compa- nies (Caribe Imported Cigars, which later became Camacho Cigars), JRE Tobacco Co. staff includes Justo (jmeiroa@aladinocigars. com) who serves as president; Vivian Eiroa (, general manag- er; and Bernie Rodriguez (bernie@aladinoci-, sales and marketing manager. JRE Cigar Co. can be reached at 8326 SW 40th St., Miami, Fla. 33155, Tel: (305) 222- 0837 or 222-0838, Fax: (305) 222-0839, Web: Julio, Justo Eiroa Launch JRE Tobacco Company pittsburgh—Sam Leccia, founder of Leccia Tobacco, announced in early January that General Cigar Co. would no longer be the distributor for his brands. "After a year, it just wasn't a good fit," said Leccia in a state- ment. "I appreciate my time with the folks at General Cigar, but this is truly best for the Leccia Tobacco brand." The continuity of Leccia's cigars and blends will remain entirely intact with no changes in manufacturing, notes Leccia, since all of his brands—Leccia White, Leccia White, and Luchador—have always been produced at the same factories since their inception and will continue be so. Leccia Tobacco had been distributed by Toraño Family Cigar Company until the company was purchased by General Cigar in November 2014. Shortly afterward, Leccia struck his own distribution deal with General. At the time it had been widely reported that General Cigar had purchased the Leccia Tobacco brands, but in parting ways with General, Leccia says that wasn't the case. "I have always maintained 100 percent ownership of the Leccia Tobacco brands and trademarks, so the only real changes is how the cigars will be delivered to the retailer." Leccia hinted he has "big plans" for 2016 with some "incredible new projects" coming down the line. For order inquiries, retailers can email Leccia Tobacco at, or visit Leccia Tobacco Ends Distribution Arrangement with General Cigar; Takes Back Own Distribution

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