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Capsugel Ultra™ III p a c t n a li p m o c - P M G c A tiv a v o n n i h t i w e n i h c ma s n o i t p n o g i es e d l b i x e fl n i l l f fi y o a r r t a es d i e w h t Designed for high g n lli fi e l u s p d n a e v t e e o m t . s d e e g n n TIONS SPECIFICATIONS Capsule Size Production Capacity* 5 1 4 – 3 2 2 – 1 2 0 – 0el 1 00 – 00el** 9 h-speed semi-automatic m high quirements ase, 50/60 Hz e or Delta Power) ce of auger ay) , or Three-W ay W Speed per hour y* 16,000 – 28,000 21,000 – 33,000 21,000 – 28,000 16,000 – 24,000 9,000 – 16,000 4,500 – 8,000 echnical s T Technical ontact Capsugel' and density and type g g filling applications environment, the introduces cost-e performance with interface and a st Numerous innova safety features th production proce Size Dimensions 152cm x 89cm x 191cm high eight W 610kg (1,345 lbs) Electrical Power Req olts, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz (208 – 230 V on 20 amp service, Wye Other All orders include choic wo- , T Two-W ay (Spade, One-W 00 – 00el** 9 000 4 AAA**, AA**, AAel**, A, B, and C: Contact Capsugel' Support Group for details s skill level and density and type ' *Rates depend on operator of material being filled **Conversation kit required p s in a cGMP Capsugel Ultra™ III effective quality and h a new touch screen tainless steel tabletop. ative operational and at streamline the ss and facilitate speed 33,000 capsules per e and ongoing technical ce and excellent production proce to market provide processing speeds of up to . Combined with our unsurpassed service hour support, you're assured of reliable performanc productivity for years to come.

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