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Corporate Description For decades, Donaldson ® Torit® has offered manufacturers advanced and reliable dust, fume and mist collectors and filters engineered to provide outstanding filtration efficiency and energy savings. The pairing of these industry-leading collectors and filters helps increase manufacturing efficiencies, create cleaner environments for employees, and ultimately boost the manufacturer's bottom line. Donaldson Torit products can help safeguard that bottom line with innovative collectors and filters, expertly engineered by its team of R&D engineers to provide long-term value, rather than short-term savings. Markets Served Donaldson Torit delivers the confidence you need to process powders in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries—including compounds and formulations with personnel and environmental exposure limits. With a complete line of advanced technology for product containment, air filtration, and dust collection, Donaldson Torit is your most consistent source for a cleaner processing environment. Donaldson Company, Inc. Donaldson Company, Inc. 1400 West 94th Street Minneapolis, MN 55440 Tel: 800 365 1331 Email: Website: Products The breakthrough performance of the Downflo ® Evolution family of cartridge dust collectors combined with our industry-leading Ultra-Web ® nanofiber filtration technology solve the industry's need for better filtration, reduced operational cost, a smaller footprint and easier maintenance. An optimized airflow management system delivers optimal pulse cleaning while minimizing airflow restriction. Additionally, the smaller footprint of the collectors can eliminate the need for complicated ductwork or a large, energy-consuming central dust collection system. With greater flexibility, manufacturers can now optimize space on the plant floor while containing costs. Innovative Ultra-Web filtration technology means reduced freight and installation costs, fewer filter pack change outs, lower maintenance costs, and no entry requirements for filter pack changes. As the inventor of the cartridge collector, Donaldson Torit has led the way with continuous innovation. No other manufacturer comes close to matching the breadth of technical expertise that Donaldson Torit incorporates into its cartridge collectors. From portable to central collectors, to source and ambient collectors, to booth-type collectors and weld benches, Donaldson Torit provides the most complete range of cartridge collectors that cost-effectively enhance productivity and manufacturing efficiency. Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook June 2016 25

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