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34 June 2016 Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook GlobePharma, Inc. Corporate Description Founded in 1993, GlobePharma introduced the Model I Unit-Dose Powder Sampler. As applications changed, new designs and modifications transformed the sampling line to include more than 25 variations and models from bulk and unit-dose powder, liquid and semi-solid samplers. GlobePharma, Inc. now offers blenders from formulation to pilot scale, R & D tablet presses, instrumentation, powder segregation testers, mills, granulators, valves and cleaning validation tools and coupons. Our pipeline is full of new products recently added in 2016 and 2016 including our new GP Mill 1, GP Mill 5 and the PowderEx III Accelerated Powder Segregation Tester (Spring 2016). GlobePharma, Inc. is a global organization serving the pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, automotive, aerospace & cosmetic industries with solid-dosage form equipment from lab to pilot scale. Industries Served GlobePharma, Inc. is a worldwide company serving the pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, aerospace, automotive & cosmetic industries with solid-dosage form equipment from lab to pilot scale. GlobePharma, Inc. 2 Janine Pl. New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Tel: 732 819 0381 Email: Website: New Additions GlobePharma, Inc. Introduces Accelerated Powder Segregation Tester PowderExTM Detects Formulation Stage Content Uniformity Issues Is content uniformity an issue for your product? GlobePharma's PowderExTM , Accelerated Powder Segregation Tester, is the tool for formulators to detect this segregation at its earliest, prior to costly production run. Although the original blends will pass initial blend uniformity testing, they are subjected to additional process post-mixing. These processes, possibly involving an auger, vibration or screw feeding, vacuum transfer, etc. - may potentially lead to segregation of the ingredients, which in turn may lead to unacceptable content uniformity. PowderExTM subjects powder blends at formulation batch sizes to timed intervals of vibration then compaction with a multi-tip punch for content uniformity testing. This technique provides an innovative solution to this time versus process dilemma with as little as 10g of a specific powder blend. This works within the formulation development stage where small size batches with normal processing times are too short for segregation problems to be detected, as segregation usually develops over a period of time. GP Mill 2.5 SIFT-N-BLEND ™ Our Products • Unit-dose sampling technique and bulk powder, liquid & semi-solid samplers. • MiniBlend™ V-Blender • MaxiBlend® Lab & Pilot Scale Blenders with interchangeable V- Shells, Bins, & Double-cones from 0.5 qt to 10 cu. ft. & high-speed intensifier bars. • SimpleBlend™: stand-alone blenders from 1 cu ft to 10 cu ft • SIFT-N-BLEND™ attachment for single- step sifting & blending from 4qt to 125 cu ft. • cGMP Sanitary Butterfly Valves • New PowderEx III (Fall 2016) Accelerated Powder Segregation Tester • Tablet Presses & Instrumentation: VersaPress, MiniPress I & MiniPress II, MTCM-I • High Shear Granulators, GP-HSG-1-6 and GP-HSG-5 • Hammermills: GP Mill 5, GP Mill 2.5 and GP Mill 1 • Cone Mill • Remote Swabbing & Microbiological Sampling Tools • Cleaning Validation Coupons • Refurbished Used Equipment

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