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PVA excipient Parteck MXP polyvinyl alcohol-based (PVA) excipient for use in hot-melt extrusion enhances bioavailability of poorly soluble APIs. It remains stable at temperatures in excess of 200>C and is suitable for immediate- and sustained-released formulations with API loads of 30 percent or more. PVA- based product has well characterized melt viscosity, con- tributes to strong tablets that resist alcohol and minimize risk of dose dumping, is considered GRAS by FDA, and complies with USP, EP, and JP monographs. Excipient will be added to company's Emprove program that provides online techni- cal and regulatory information about its products. MilliporeSigma, Billerica, MA. Tel. 978 715 1478 industry innovations Single-station tablet press Adamus One single-station tablet press for R&D produces single- and multi-layer tablets using small amounts of mater- ial. It accepts both TSM and EU B and D tooling and com- presses tablets as large as 25 millimeters in diameter using as much as 100 kilonewtons of force; maximum fill depth is 20 millimeters. Press measures compression and ejection force and displays results on digital meter above compression area. It operates manually or semi-automatically. SMI, Lebanon, NJ. Tel. 908 534 1500 HPMC capsule Embo Caps VG Alpha HPMC capsule dissolves easily in variety of liquids and maintains strength in low-moisture set- tings. It performs as well as gelatin, is suitable for hygroscopic fills, and provides pH-independent disintegration. Glossy, smooth finish facilitates swallowing. Vegetarian capsule con- tains no GMOs, preservatives, gluten, allergens, or gelling agents and is thus compatible with consumer preferences worldwide. Suheung America, Brea, CA. Tel. 714 854 9887 50 March 2017 Tablets & Capsules Benchtop analyzer RA802 benchtop analyzer combines Raman spectroscopy and imaging technology to accelerate chemical and physical analysis of tablets, including their composition, structure, and API distribution and particle size. LiveTrack focus-tracking feature enables you to analyze samples with uneven, curved, or rough surfaces quickly and without sample preparation. It analyzes intact, split, or sliced tablets, and by continuously adjusting sample height, it produces 3D chemical maps of tablet surface. Nondestructive analyzer also evaluates pow- ders, granules, and liquids. Renishaw, Hoffman Estates, IL. Tel. 847 286 9953

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