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52 March 2017 Tablets & Capsules supplier news Ropack selects Tracelink for serialization hub MONTREAL, Canada—Ropack Pharma Solutions, a CDMO that focuses on solid oral dosage packag- ing, selected TraceLink, North Reading, MA, to help equip its inter- national serialization hub. TraceLink will install its Life Sciences Cloud net- work and Optel Vision track-and-trace modules. Ropack's hub ensures cus- tomers' products are serialized, aggre- gated, and shipped with the appropri- ate documentation, to a distribution network or another warehouse. Camfil expands lab to comply with new test standard JONESBORO, AR—Camfil Air Pollution Control doubled the size of its test lab to accommodate the addi- tion of a test rig. The new equipment enables the company to conduct tests in compliance with a new ANSI/ASHRAE dust collection test standard. See the article about the new standard elsewhere in this issue. Conducted by the International Pharma- ceutical Federation. Tel. +31 70 30 21 982. Website: MAGI Clinical Research Conference. May 21-24 in Philadelphia, PA. Con- ducted by Model Agreements and Guidelines International. Tel. 650 465 0119. Website: Vacuum loader preserves material, reduces load time Model 3VT vacuum loader transfers powders, granules, and blends from bags, containers, and process vessels without segrega- tion or attrition. Conveying mater- ial in hygienic, iso- lated environment from pickup to release protects operators and ensures material's integrity. Automated vacuum transfer reduces loading time by more than 50 percent, increasing productivity. Product-contact parts are made of stain- less steel. Nilfisk, Morgantown, PA. Tel. 800 645 3475 Dissolution tester eliminates sampling errors Opt-Diss 410 UV fiber optic dissolution tester measures solu- tions directly in the vessel without filters, tubing, or pumps of conventional units. In situ measurement also eliminates sampling errors and media-loss calculations. Arch probes are stationary, prevent bubbles, and don't trap particles. Unit can quantify two components at once without need for separa- tion. Single software package controls all operations and collects data simultaneously from six to 12 vessels as often as every 5 seconds. Distek, North Brunswick, NJ. Tel. 732 422 7585 Analyzer measures compaction dynamics, tensile strength D series instru- ment comprises benchtop powder compaction ana- lyzer (PCA) and tablet tensile ana- lyzer (TTA). PCA continuously mea- sures in-die force displacement to reveal compaction dynam- ics in real time, generating 3D profile of yield stress and Young's modulus. You can set post-compaction dwell times to last 90 milliseconds to 60 seconds. Instrument's rotating die platform allows you to auto- matically measure tablet detachment force to assess "stickiness" before measuring tablet ejection force. TTA module mea- sures out-of-die tablet weight, thickness, diameter, and tensile strength to compare compactibility, compressibility, and tabletability of alternative solid-state for- mulations and how processing affects each. Gamlen Tableting, London, UK. Tel. 949 495 7795 product update advertiser index A ACG Worldwide 3 B Biocaps Enterprises 31 C Camfil APC 7 Caps Canada 8 Capsugel 5 Coating Place 15 Coperion/K-Tron 21 D Donaldson Torit 19 K Key International 16 Kikusui USA 1 Krämer US 14 M Meggle USA 46 N Natoli Engineering Cover 4 P Pharma Packaging Solutions 37 R Rigaku 10 S Suheung Capsule 34 T Techceuticals 37 Thomas Packaging 26 Tower Laboratories 49 Tri-Star Technologies Cover 2 V Vac-U-Max 6 W Wilson Tool 9

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