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research Capsules may replace injections in treating hemophilia AUSTIN, TX—Researchers at the University Texas-Austin developed the first capsule treatment for hemophilia B, according to a study published in the November issue of The International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Usually, patients suffering from hemophilia must receive an injection of factor IX, the clotting protein they lack, every 2 days. However, two capsules of factor IX are equivalent to one injection and the cap- sules are less expensive and pain-free. Online technique quickly evaluates tablet quality, authenticity JOENSUU, Finland—A fast, non- destructive analysis method based on terahertz time-domain techniques can determine a tablet's mechanical strength, dissolution properties, and content uniformity online. According to the dissertation of Prince Bawuah, a doctoral candidate at the University of Eastern Finland, the method saves time compared to other methods of checking tablet quality, including destructive techniques like mercury intrusion porosimetry. One applica- tion is detecting counterfeit products, such as fake anti-malarial tablets that have been linked to deaths in devel- oping countries. markets Natural alternatives to boost global superdisintegrant market PUNE, India—The global demand for superdisintengrants will grow steadily and in proportion to growth in demand for solid dosage forms, accord- ing to a report by Transparency Market Research. It predicts natural superdisin- tegrants will have a long-term impact on the global superdisintegrant market growth as regulations encourage the use of alternatives to synthetics. Pharma contract manufacturing to grow almost 7 percent annually ELMHURST, IL—The global pharmaceutical contract manufactur- ing market is forecast to grow at a compound annual rate of 6.91 percent through 2020, according to a report by Technavio. The API/bulk drug manufacturing segment dominated the market in 2015 and will continue to do so. The report identifies Catalent, Lonza, and Pfizer as key vendors. industry news Key Bioscience selects Enteris tablet platform to test peptide treatment BOONTON, NJ—Key BioScience, Copenhagen, Denmark, selected Enteris Biopharma to develop a solid oral dosage of Key's metabolic peptide. In addition to manufacturing and char- acterizing three tablet prototypes for the treatment of diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic disorders, Enteris will be the exclusive provider of the finished product for use in pre-clinical and proof-of-concept clinical trial research. 6 March 2017 Tablets & Capsules aging Machines ack g or P oduct ery of Pr or Gentle Deliv f ed t oa , and C , Capsule Cap, our needs and goals. ound y ely ar entir sing solutions es oc eutical pr pharmac e t ea e cr ems, w t s y ontinuous s ch or c t ba ed t oma o fully aut omponents t om sanitary c Fr xpertise including echnical e ders. Te w o wing P Flo ee wing and Non-Fr ee-Flo handled—including Fr erials t der and bulk ma w ent po er 000 diff , er 10 Ov . try eutical indus e in the pharmac xperienc e tion om applica t ears of cus e than 60 y Mor o Capsule Filling or P t or y e v on ablet C T X Gel C -U-MA C A VA tion solutions w oma s aut es oc pr ed as the ph t as unique and trus e t mak s wha ' . It ee ant e guar manc tion. And an airtight perf alida T v AT T and S AT FA g . X A M - U - C A V - 0 0 l 8 l a r c o x ma - u - c a v t i s i V challenges. t pneuma our e y et us solv L e design. w eutical harmac X -U-MA C A es VA - or airtight perf g c i t uma e pn / m o c . ying e v on tic c TEMS • CIP DESIGNS S Y ONVEYING S CUUM C A MOBILE VA O ART 11 C TRUCTION • 21 CFR P ONS TERIALS OF C CERTIFIED MAT /C VED APPRO - A FD ONTRO -C TEMS • UL S Y CH WEIGHING & SCALING S T TEMS • BAT S Y TI-INGREDIENT HANDLING S MUL CH & C T TEMS • BA S Y S & S OMPONENT ONVEYING C TIC C CEPTED • PNEUMAT C A - A /USD Y AR ANIT S OMPLIANCE GES A CK A ONTROL PA OLS & C TION ONTINUOUS OPERAT C

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