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7 8 | t h e c l e v e r r o o t Armed with a lanyard and informational pam- phlets, I advanced past the myrtle-green privacy fence. What awaited on the other side? First, I'll provide some background. In its simplest form, the event is a vast farmers market of sun-grown cannabis and cannabis products that comes with the fringe benefits of any out- door showcase: live bands, great food, fresh air and a sense of community. But in the case of the Emerald Exchange, which began in 2016, there was much more to uncover. Speakers on subjects like "Compliance 2017 and Beyond" and "Athletes & Cannabis" presented their topics in a canopied area called the "speakers grove," and other amenities included a chill zone with misters, a movie tent, a wellness village for yoga classes and the like, visual artists, a pop-up restaurant, and a "knowledge den" for workshops on micro-dosing, cannabis use for vets, and more. All of these booths, stands, and tents surrounded a shimmering, jade-colored lake, its center bejew- eled with a small, lush emerald island connected to the land by shallow arched bridge. Somewhere in the distance I heard "Sprit in the Sky." It truly was a sight rich in green to behold, let alone smell. I wondered if this sort of eccentric event would be easier to find come 2018 once recreational can- Attendees enjoy a cannabis-infused brunch lakeside. Attendees strolled through the rows of the farmers market area at the Emerald Exchange featuring sungrown cannabis. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE EMERALD EXCHANGE

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