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30 | July - August 2018 | www . BREAK-IN OILS e new PowerShield motor oils from Cham- pion are specially designed to reduce the potential of engine failure during hard break-ins. Offered in 10W-40 and 20W-50 viscosities, the break-in oils contain high levels of zinc thio- phosphates in combination with Champion's ermal Viscosity Stabilizer (TVS) to extend oil film capacity for proper ring seating. e new lubricants are also formulated with polymer thickeners to allow the use of a thinner viscosity base oil for easier cold starting and reduced friction. Dispersants and other additives are included to help keep the engine clean. Champion 800-821-5693 CONDITION MONITORING SYSTEM e new Dynapar OnSite Condition Monitoring System is engineered to enable remote monitoring of virtually any asset, including turbines, fans, pumps, gearboxes, etc. e wireless system combines 24/7 condition monitoring with cloud-based analytic software for multi-stakeholder access. e hardware consists of a central hub that aggregates data from four separate wired sensors. Each sensor measures vibration along three axes as well as temperature. e system can also connect to an encoder, integrating speed to enhance analytics and troubleshooting. Dynapar 800-873-8731 METAL-REMOVAL FLUID Houghton Interna- tional's new HOCUT 8640 metal-removal fluid is intended for multi- metal machining and grinding applications. Formulated to improve operational efficiency, part quality and surface finish, the biostable fluid features built-in detergency, dispers- ibility, emulsion stability and low foaming characteristics for consistent lubrication and heat transfer performance. In field tests, HOCUT 8640 provided proven performance on a broad range of metals, including high and low carbon steel, stainless and alloyed steel, cast nodular and gray iron, wrought and cast aluminum, powdered metal, and carbon particle composites. Houghton International 800-666-4684 PARTICLE ANALYZER e new LaserNet 200 Comprehensive Particle Analyzer Series from Spectro Scientific was developed for extensive analysis of particles in lubricating and hydraulic fluids. e new series increases the particle counting range up to 10 million particles per milliliter without dilution and incorporates a new set of ferrous particle measurements to give users insight into the progress of machine wear. e analyzer employs laser-imaging technology and dual magnetometers to char- acterize ferrous particles larger than 25 microns as well as total ferrous particles. Users can now process very dirty engine and gearbox oils from heavy equip- ment such as mining excavators. Spectro Scientific 978-486-0123 1 2 3 4 4 PRODUCT NEWS 2 1 3

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