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26 | November - December 2018 | www . BIODEGRADABLE GREASE Axel Royal's new Envi- roguard EP biodegradable grease is a lithium-complex lubricant manufactured solely from renewable base oil and fortifi ed with environmentally safe additives for greater perfor- mance under heavy loads, water ingress conditions and moder- ately high temperatures. e specialized grease is formulated to be compatible with other multi-purpose greases and off ers thermal and oxidation stability, water resistance, and a prolonged shelf life. It also provides extreme pressure and rust and corrosion protection in a wide range of applications, including marine, mining, farming, municipality construction and wastewater treatment plants. Axel Royal 918-584-2671 METALWORKING FLUID e new Lubricut 5458 metalworking fl uid from Chemtool is a chlorine-free, semi-synthetic- based fl uid intended for precision applications of both ferrous and aluminum alloys. Enhanced with specialized corrosion inhibitors, the fl uid also features a unique emulsi- fi er and detergency package to avoid bacterial problems and hard-water soap formation. It exhibits high boundary fi lm lubrication and fi lm strength on machined/ground surfaces and can maintain tolerances and fi nishes at high speeds and feed rates. In addition, Lubricut 5458 is additive independent, which means tank-side pH buff ers, emulsi- fi ers and hazardous biocides are unnecessary. Chemtool 815-957-4140 AUTOMATIC LUBE SYSTEM Industrial Innovations' new Spra-Rite Ultra Lube System is engineered to apply highly viscous lubricants to stamping or drawing tooling at pre-determined press stroke intervals. e injectors are inde- pendently controlled for precise lubricant placement and volume, while the unique pedestal design allows for easy transport from press to press. Each turnkey system can atomize lubricant into an ultra-fi ne spray at the nozzles, which are air-controlled and capable of fi ne fl ow adjustments. e process control module off ers numeric programming for up to 10 injector valves and the ability to store 200 recipes. Industrial Innovations 616-249-1525 TURBINE OIL CONDITIONING SYSTEMS e new KLP Series of turbine oil conditioning systems from Kaydon Filtration were designed to meet the need for portable fi ltration systems. e systems can be installed on a single oil reservoir or moved between multiple reservoirs to provide oil conditioning as needed during equipment uptime. ey also can quickly prepare oil for start-up during a shutdown. After each system has removed water from the turbine oil, it accumulates in the coalescer vessel. When it has accumulated to a preset level, the automatic water drain discharges the water from the system. Kaydon Filtration www.kaydonfi 800-241-2342 1 3 4 PRODUCT NEWS 2 1 3 1 3

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