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How Engine Cleaners Aff ect Your Oil Commercial engine cleaners are often chem- ically aggressive and can strip additive fi lms off components, leading to increased engine wear and damage. Read this article on the ML site to discover why these additive fi lms are so important to maintain in order to ensure the engine is protected upon startup. The True Cost of Bearing Lubrication Bearing lubrication failures can aff ect your budget and the envi- ronment. Access this 30-minute, 38-second video to learn more about the various types of bearing technologies, the leading causes of bearing failure, maintenance and total ownership costs, and the environmental costs of lubrication. How to Determine Oil Change Intervals Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) recommend specifi c oil change intervals based on tests performed during the equipment development or lubricant approval process. Check out this article on the ML site to fi nd out what you should do if your oil analysis program indicates that the oil should be changed in intervals that are not consistent with the OEM recommendation. How to Prevent Compressor Oil Loss How can you determine what caused a compressor failure? e answer often lies inside the failed compressor. Access this 12-minute, 2-second video to better understand the causes and eff ects of oil loss, the diff erence between oil loss and a lack of lubrication, as well as what you can do to prevent this problem and avoid a compressor failure. Understanding Grease Analysis Results Grease sampling is becoming more common for organizations looking to enhance their reliability programs. However, in many cases, grease analysis is performed only after damage or a breakdown has occurred. Discover how early detection of grease or bearing failure can be caught well in advance by reading this article on the ML site. ML MachineryLubrication. com is the place to turn for white papers on a host of lubrica- tion- related topics. Here's a sampling of the latest white papers that are currently available for download: • Machine Oil Case Study: Medium-Sized Gear Machining Company • 5-Step Acoustic Lubrication Procedure • 8 Things to Know About Maximum Effi ciency Hydraulic Fluids (MEHFs) • Detection of Abnormal Wear Particles in Hydraulic Fluids via Electro- magnetic Sensor and Particle Imaging Technologies Check out the full list of white papers by visiting MachineryLubrication. com and clicking on the "White Papers" link. FEATURED WHITE PAPERS BY THE NUMBERS Find more great ar ticle s and content f rom Machin er y Lubric ation magazin e onlin e. From web exclusive s and indus tr y n ews to vide os , white pap er s , buyer 's guide s and more, ever y thing that relate s to machin er y lubric ation is available now on w w w. M achin er yLubric ation .com . 62 % of lubrication professionals do not use any biodegradable lubricants at their plant, according to a recent survey at NOW ON MACHINERYLUBRICATION.COM www . | November - December 2018 | 31

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