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32 | November - December 2018 | www . Th e " Lub e -Tips " se c tion of M a c h i n e r y Lu b ri catio n magazin e feature s innovative ideas submit te d by our rea der s . Quick Filter Check When checking diff erential fi lter clogging indicators, be sure that the pilot holes in the fi lter body (the ones that feed the indicator with oil pressure) are clear of debris. is will help ensure you are receiving the correct signal. Unusual Breather Treatment Washing down machinery with water often results in desiccant breathers becoming saturated with water. One solution is to put pantyhose over the breather. ough it may look silly, it repels the water yet allows air to move through it and is easier than training personnel over time. Use Lube ID Tags Consider using equipment lube tags to avoid adding the wrong oil to a machine. ese identifi cation tags decrease the possibility of error by inexperienced lube techs, facilitate training of new technicians and reduce confusion associated with switching suppliers. Use color- and/ or shape-coding wherever possible. Whether plastic, stainless steel, aluminum or coated paperboard, these tags can indicate the lubricant's name and viscosity, and can be affi xed to each reservoir. ML Oil Sampling Pointer For reservoirs, drop-tube oil sampling is rarely the ideal method. However, if it cannot be avoided, it is important to consistently sample as close to the active fl uid zone as possible. Measure the stand-off distance desired from the bottom of the sump and attach the drop tube with wire ties (or other suitable method) that distance from the end of a rod. Consistency in the sample location will help make the analysis results more suitable for trending. Have Some Tips? Did You Know ? If you have a tip to share, email it to editor@ noria .com . Additional tips c an b e found in our Lub e -Tips email n ewslet ter. To re ceive th e Lub e -Tips n ewslet ter, subscrib e now at M achin er yLubric ation .com . LUBE-TIPS

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