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38 | November - December 2018 | www . "What gets measured gets managed" is a popular quote from business guru Peter Drucker. W hile it may seem obvious that key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics play an important role in the success of a lubrication program, what is not as apparent is defi ning the best metrics for assessing the program's current status and guiding it to the desired level. is article will explain how to select the right KPIs and implement them eff ectively. One approach for developing a system of metrics is to visualize the program from a high-level perspec- tive. What are the program's goals? ey should be stated as specifi cally as possible and include a time frame for completion. Examples would be to improve the lubrication assessment score by 30 points within two years, to reduce bearing failure rates by "X" percent in three years, to implement oil analysis for 100 percent of the critical machines by the end of the year, or to install a new lube room in 12 months. Some of these examples are more specifi c than others, but they all refer to relevant program initia- tives. General objectives typically will be complemented with more explicit targets. Setting a time frame will be essential to ensure program accountability. The time should be realistic based on the available resources but also challenging in order to achieve the expected results in a reasonable period. "Consider using KPIs to help you make better decisions that can lead to a more successful lubrication program." 38 | November - December 2018 | www . KPIs for Measuring Lubrication Program Success Lubrication Programs PERSPECTIVE Alejandro Meza | Noria Corporation GOAL EXAMPLE OF KPI 1 Retrofit all critical equipment with proper accessories to improve lubricant contamination control, machine inspections and oil sampling within six months Report the percentage of machines that were retrofitted monthly 2 Install a new lube room in 12 months Bi-monthly record showing the percentage of the project completed 3 Complete lubricant changeover and consolidation in the second half of the year A. Report the number of machines in which the changeover has been completed during the month B. Report the cumulated percentage of retrofitted machines General KPIs Temporary Goals and KPIs

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