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32D October 2019 Tablets & Capsules ogies and operational procedures deliver the latest con- sumer preferences. For instance, sustainability is growing in importance for consumers, and individuals are increas- ingly seeking products that are manufactured using sus- tainable methods that produce less waste. Although the dosage form selection is instrumental to minimizing waste, the capsule-filling machine selection and perfor- mance are also crucial, as they allow the opportunity to optimize the amount of formulation in the capsules. Leading solutions To develop innovative nutraceutical products that meet consumer demands, produce them efficiently, and maximize profitability, manufacturers must focus on quality at every stage of product development. Work- ing closely with their suppliers and outsourcing partners allows brand owners to truly optimize their operations, from ingredient selection to capsule filling and sealing, and deliver products that will enable them to stand out in a competitive landscape. T&C References 1. NMI SORD study, US – 2018 commissioned by Lonza. 2. Ibid Lonza research. Paul Davis is a quality engineer at Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition, Greenwood, SC (888 783 6381, throughput, which enables better use of variable labor and utility costs while opening up capacity for growth without requiring additional capital or new equipment. In addition, CDMOs can determine the total business impact and cost savings based on specific recommended improvements in equipment and processes using a sav- ings report based on total cost-in-use. It is important to document these metrics and demonstrate the real-world cost impact of improvements to machines and their pro- cesses, so brand owners can make more informed deci- sions and validate their improvement plans. CDMOs can also offer Six Sigma Green Belt-certified staff who operate on the foundation of quality by design. Working alongside manufacturers, Six Sigma support teams can use their use their knowledge of which dosing options and powder flow characteristics work best with which types of capsule-filling equipment to put systems in place to identify the root cause of any problems that may occur in the manufacturing process. This allows manufacturers to implement preventative measures to gain and maintain full control of quality-driven opera- tions. In addition to consultation and advisory support to help ensure quality, technical experts can also offer current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) training to help ensure that processes meet manufacturers' quality standards as well as wider industry quality requirements. Alongside achieving optimal productivity and unlock- ing cost savings, it is also important that capsule technol- Meanwhile, based on , we established strict quality control standards in order to ensure high-efficiency filling encapsulator. 20 years' vegetarian capsules production experiences PURE VEGE CAPSULES ® Science and art are two sides of a coin, they are inseparable. With a scientific attitude, we to produce high quality under production workshop. use high-precision automatic capsules production equipment VEGETARIAN CAPSULES C Grade Cleanliness Standard C e C enc C nc A p A p PSULES G E N E X Email: GENEX BIO-TECH USA INC. Visit us at SSW Booth# 3948-C

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