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This literature is presented as a service to Inhalation’s readers. Content is provided by the companies listed. No product endorsement or preference is intended. LITERATURE REVIEW This literature, from Inhalation's advertisers, is presented as a service to readers. Content is provided by the companies listed. No product endorsement or preference is intended. Astech "Overview of Astech Project's comprehensive portfolio of next generation automated drug deliv- ery testing solutions for the major pharmacopoeia tests encountered in respiratory." content/uploads/2021/06/ASTECH- DRUG-DELIVERY.pdf Catalent Discover insights into intranasal vaccine formulation development and the opportunities for intranasal approaches, including the importance of device selection in determining product performance. Learn more: expert-content/inhalation/ unraveling-complexities-in- nasal-vaccine-development- manufacturing-and-device- selection/ Copley Scientific In this article, we look at how in vitro nasal drug product testing is being refined for greater repeatability and to maximize its value as a low- cost tool for product development, including an assessment of the role of automation in improving the sensitiv- ity of in vitro testing. testing Intertek White Paper: IVBE Particle Charac- terisation of Generic Mometasone Furoate using MDRS & Laser Diffrac- tion. Orthogonal methodologies to assess API particles supporting IVBE approaches for generic nasal suspen- sion products. Characterization Lonza Particle engineering, a core strength of Lonza, is critical in achieving the particle size distribution required for effective drug delivery using dry pow- der inhaler (DPI) devices. technologies-products/particle- engineering-inhalation-applications Proveris ® Laboratories Proveris Laboratories will partner with you to use its 25+ years' experience in the ONIDP space to help you complete your development projects on time and budget. Testing includes traditional US FDA required analytical methods as well as new contract service offerings to support alternative approaches to in vitro bioequivalence outlined in the recent US FDA Guidances. proveris/ Inhalation August 2022 33

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