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g-GranDryingWA_30-33_Masters 12/30/13 2:07 PM Page 30 30 January 2014 Tablets & Capsules granulation & drying A survey of what's available Granulation-drying system Conical rotor processor Granulation-drying system's centrifugal sifter, spheroidizer, fluid-bed dryer, and vibratory screener transform lumpy, sticky, or otherwise difficult-to-handle materials into uniform, free-flowing granules. Compact Centri-Sifter uses helical paddles to drive moist materials through its screen to make pellets more economically than screw-type extruders. Spheroidizer densifies sifter's output to the size, density, and uniformity you determine. Vibratory dryer passes heated air through particle bed on first-in, first-out basis, then conveys them to Vibroscreen screener for removal of over-size particles and dust. System can be sized to handle small or large volumes, and components are available as stand-alone units. Granurex conical rotor processor creates very small, dense, high-API-loaded beads. Unit switches between agglomeration, film-coating, and powder-layering modes with simple parametric changes. Thus, spherically agglomerated active core can be quickly given barrier coating so that incompatible API can be powder-layered over it. Slit-type air distribution prevents agglomeration during coating and ensures uniform coats. Duct system introduces process air directly into drying zone. Yields reach 97 percent or better, with excellent content uniformity and particle size distribution. Unit operates as stand-alone processor, or its GXR rotor (photo) inserts into standard fluidbed systems. Lab units make 0.5 to 7 kilograms per batch; production units make 30 to 200 kilograms per batch. Kason, Millburn, NJ. Tel. 973 467 8140 Fax 973 258 9533 Granulation and blending services Company offers custom granulations and blends. Its 50,000square-foot production facility includes two continuous, high-sheer Schugi granulation systems and Bohle high-capacity blending system. R&D facility accommodates small blends and granulations for pilot or specialty product runs. Additional services include analytical testing, formulation consultation, and technical support. Company also supplies calcium carbonate and other ingredients to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Nutri Granulations, La Mirada, CA. Tel. 714 994 7855 Fax 714 994 7914 Freund-Vector, Marion, IA. Tel. 319 377 8263 Fax 319 377 5574

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