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i-DissTestWA_36-37_Masters 12/31/13 9:57 AM Page 36 36 January 2014 Tablets & Capsules dissolution testing A survey of what's available Automatic dissolution testing Automatic dissolution tester Copley Scientific Dissofract stand-alone dissolution tester automatically removes samples from six to eight dissolution vessels at predetermined intervals and deposits them in test tubes or vials for analysis. Bidirectional, small-volume diaphragm pumps (one per vessel) that drive flush, sample, and purge functions are accurate to within 0.25 milliliter (typically about 0.1 milliliter) of volume. Flush media recycling eliminates need for media replacement and simplifies dissolution calculations. Cross-contamination is commonly less than 1 percent, even at 2-minute sample intervals required for rapid-release formulations. AT 70smart dissolution testing system automatically handles every step, from media preparation to data reporting. It performs as many as 15 unattended paddle tests (USP Apparatus 2) or 10 unattended basket tests (USP Apparatus 1) when equipped with optional BS 60 basket station. System prepares and delivers pre-made media or concentrate with automated dilutions for up to eight different media. Vessel and system cleaning eliminates carryover from test to test. Filter station accepts a variety of filter types. Options include pH monitoring, standard monitoring, and virtual dilutions. System's WinSotax software complies with 21 CFR Part 11 and conforms to all USP and FIP guidelines. MSP Corporation, Shoreview, MN. Tel. 651 287 8100 Sotax, Westborough, MA. Tel. 508 417 1112 Fax 651 287 8140 Fax 508  6984 616 Start your FREE subscription at our website:

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