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34 April 2018 Tablets & Capsules Tablet disintegrator SensIR 3200 tablet disintegrator uses bathless heating to reduce warm-up time and eliminate the mess and inconvenience of conventional water bath-based instruments. Optional automatic endpoint detection uses near-infrared sensors to record actual disintegration times. Disintegrator does not require modified fluted disks, eliminating the need for method revalidation. To match the user's throughput requirements, the instrument comes with two, four, or six disintegration stations within a small footprint compared to similarly equipped disintegration models. Disintegrator can run as many as three independent methods simultaneously, minimizing method development time. Distek, North Brunswick, NJ 732 422 7585 Spectroscopic segregation analyzer SPECTester spectroscopic segregation analyzer measures sample blends containing as many as six unique components and reports how much and why the material is segregating. Instrument identifies component concentrations, particle size differences, product uniformity, and up to four specific segregation mechanisms. During the drug formulation stage, the segregation analyzer can help determine a pharmaceutical blend's risk of API fluctuations, eliminating plant downtime due to off-spec API concentrations. Instrument is suitable for R&D as well as real-time, in-process quality control at production plants. Material Flow Solutions, Gainesville, FL 352 379 8879 A survey of what's available test & inspection equipment Powder flow tester PFT powder flow tester uses a shear cell to predict the behavior of a powder as it flows into a tablet die. Data provided by the unit can help ensure uniform powder flow so active ingredients and excipients remain properly mixed. Powder flow tester analyzes fill and final bulk density, time consolidation, wall friction, flow index, arching dimensions, rathole diameter, hopper-half angle, gravity chute angle, compressibility index, and compressibility ratio. Full flow function test takes as little as 25 minutes. Company also manufactures CT3 texture analyzers that calculate a tablet's physical properties using compression and tensile data. Unit uses a punch probe or cutting blade to assess tablet firmness and measures the integrity of two-part tablets with a bilayer shear fixture. Ametek Brookfield, Middleboro, MA 508 946 6200

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