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36 April 2018 Tablets & Capsules Bilayer tablet press FE55 tablet press produces single- and bilayer tablets and handles direct-compression blends, accommodating about 90 percent of tablet formats. Unit is compact, accommodating 87 tableting stations in just 1.6 square meters of floor space. Unique filling system ensures accurate filling of complex product mixtures. Dust-tight, through-the-column discharge assembly allows you to sample tablets and remove off-spec products. Unit is clad in easily detachable, FDA-certified, polymer panels that offer the press operator 360-degree access. Fette Compacting, Rockaway, NJ 973 586 8722 R&D bilayer tablet press Kg-pharma RoTab bilayer tablet press is suitable for producing small to medium batches for R&D and clinical trials. Unit switches easily between mono- and bilayer tableting, performs single-station tableting, automatically samples a tablet's first layer, and eases scale-up. Tablet press accepts various punch formats, and the unit's form parts can be completely changed out in less than 45 minutes. Separate suction bars minimize mixing of the tablet layers. Press can also perform single-station tableting. Compact unit weighs just 1,300 kilograms. MG America, Fairfield, NJ 973 808 8185 A survey of what's available multi-layer tableting Triple-layer tablet press Hata CVX tablet press can produce single-, double-, and triple-layer tablets and can be modified for core tableting processes. Options include custom mechanical assembly for multi-layer core tableting that is specific to the customer's core tablet size and shape. All interior parts easily disassemble, and the unit's turret is completely removable for quick washdown and product changeover. Unit comes equipped with a closed power feeding system that eliminates cross-contamination. Elizabeth, McKeesport, PA 412 751 3000

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