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RYAN SUZUI, RECENTLY NAMED MINISTRY LEADER for Legislators and Constitutional Officers in the state of Hawaii, always had compassion for government leaders, but it wasn't until he went through Capitol Ministries training to become a Ministry Leader that he fully understood why. "I've always had a heart for our country," Bryan said. "I've always prayed 1Timothy 2 not realizing that more than calling us to pray, the Scripture was actually encouraging us to evangelize these leaders. at is the Great Commission applied in one of the most effective ways! It was always there, but I didn't realize it before." Aer Ministry Leader training, Bryan read Ralph's book, Rebuilding America, e Biblical Blueprint and learned that a disciple or prophet always spoke to the great leaders in Old Testament empires and New Testament governments. "Knowing that empowered me. Instead of only praying about it, I realized I could be an answer to prayer by actually taking the Gospel to leaders. I thought, here is something I can do to make a difference. It got me very excited." Bryan believes many in the Capitol are hungry to hear good theolog y, and he is continuing to meet Legislators with the goal of finding one who will sponsor his ministry in the State Capitol in Honolulu, which is a 10-minute walk from his home. Once his ministry is established, Bryan plans to teach Ralph's Members Bible studies, with the goal of adding his own exegetical studies in time. Bryan's ministry will be covered in prayer by the members of Faith Christian Church in Pearl City where he serves as Senior Pastor. "I am going to the Capitol definitely as a disciple maker," he said. "I will be teaching good sound doctrine so that Lawmakers will be transformed by it and so they themselves will be disciples and reach out to others and that is going to change how they make policy, how they vote, and it is going to cause a ripple effect that will transform our state and hopefully our nation too." B 18 CM 20th | State Ministries Hawaii Bryan Suzui Ministry Leader Hawaii State Capitol capital: Honolulu population: 1,442,949 governor: David Ige legislature: 76 Waikiki beach and Diamond Head crater on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

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