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T HAS BEEN SAID THAT EXPERIENCED MOUNTAINEER Mike Shreve knows how to get to the summit. Mike, who has been ministering to Legislators and Constitutional Officers in California's State Capitol since January, 2015, is also fondly known as Mountain Mike. He's climbed the vertical granite monolith El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and slept in a hammock hanging off its face. Many times he's hiked the 215-mile John Muir Trail that stretches from Yosemite across the Ansel Adams Wilderness and ends at Mount Whitney which, at 14,496 feet, is the highest peak in the Continental United States. He founded Ultimate Wilderness Adventures ministry which offered 3- to 8-day back pack trips where participants could fellowship and worship the Creator in the midst of rugged beauty. New to the Capitol Community, Mike found it difficult to establish a formal sit-down Bible study right away, so every week he walks the Capitol, going from office to office to offer Scripture and pray with about 50 people from all political parties. "Lawmakers need to have a biblical core and know that Jesus Christ is the way, the Truth, and the life," Mike said. "ey can be considered very good men, but if they are following pseudo truths they can be three degrees off and where will they end up over 10 years' time? I want to give them a reference point." Now that he has become friends with many people in the Capitol, Mike intends to plant a formal, weekly, in- depth exegetical Bible study in the near future. In the meantime, he walks the Sacramento Capitol ministering. Atop one of the more prominent buildings on the Capitol campus, this poignant quote is engraved: "Bring me men to match my mountains." "I am a shepherd," Mike said. "at is who God wired me to be. I've been up in the mountains shepherding a few sheep, and now God is bringing me down to the valley to shepherd giants." I State Ministries | CM 20th 19 California California State Capitol capital: Sacramento population: 39,497,345 governor: Jerry Brown legislature: 120 Mike Shreve Ministry Leader Yosemite Merced River el Capitan and Half Dome in California Na onal Parks.

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