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N HIS 9TH YEAR OF MINISTERING TO LAWMAKERS in Nebraska's State Capitol, Perry Gauthier remains sharply focused on the mission of Capitol Ministries: to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the political arena. "e Word of God remains key in all I do," he said. "ere are 722 people who make their livings in the State Capitol every year and it's easy to get overwhelmed with the unending need, but the bullseye of my target is delivering the Word to our Senators." Nebraska is the only state in the Union to have a Unicameral or single- house system of government, and its Lawmakers are called Senators. In the most recent Legislative session, Perry taught his Luke for Legislators series which concentrated on passages that concern Legislators' personal lives, their walk with Christ, and their legislative duties. "e entire book of Luke was written to a political leader, the Most Excellent eophilus," Perry said. "Most Excellent" is a term that means governor in biblical koine Greek. e purpose of Luke's lengthy book was to help one government leader understand who Jesus Christ is." e series was well received and Perry rejoiced to see spiritual growth among the Senators. He explained that disciples are made when people discipline their minds to embrace theolog y so that they responsively listen to and obey everything Jesus commands them to do. "Bible teaching is the reason I got into Capitol Ministries. Our duty is primarily to be teaching the Word of God and I am passionate about that. I thrive on studying and digging out the treasures of God's Word and the joy of sharing with others the beautiful jewels I've found." I 22 CM 20th | State Ministries Nebraska Perry Gauthier Ministry Leader Nebraska State Capitol capital: Lincoln population: 1,909,400 governor: Pete Ricke s legislature: 49 Countryside sunset.

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