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HEN A TRADITIONAL SIT-DOWN BIBLE STUDY WOULDN'T WORK in Michigan, Ministry Leader Rev. Dean Mathis figured out a different way to get the Word of God to Legislators. e capital of Lansing is conveniently situated, so the majority of the state's Lawmakers are able to drive to and from their homes every day. While many Lawmakers were interested in attending a Bible Study when Dean was establishing his ministry in 2012, they didn't want to add time to their commute and so Dean developed the Walking and Windshield Ministry. Working with a tech- savvy volunteer from a local church, Dean put his in- depth, exegetical Bible studies on CDs so Legislators could listen to them as they travel. Every week Dean walks the halls of the Michigan State House to hand deliver CDs and printed copies of his Bible studies, speak with Lawmakers and pray for them. e Lawmakers have responded with enthusiasm. Currently 37 Legislators receive the CD studies, among them is Michigan Representative Ken Yonker, District 72, who said: "Rev. Mathis' Bible studies are in-depth, to the point, edifying, and very inter- esting . . . He is my spiritu- al support at the Michigan Capitol." Dean said his ministry is not one of advocacy. "I'm not out to lobby for or against any kind of legislation," he said "I am merely trying to put the Word of God into their hands and I believe the Holy Spirit will lead them to the right decisions." Dean is currently working on creating his studies in a downloadable MP3 format to provide wider access. "My plan is to keep expanding that circle and putting more Bible studies into the hands of those who want them, and hopefully, someday, that will result in the establishment of a permanent time when we can all get together face to face and study the Bible. One of the visions of Capitol Ministries is to touch everybody with God's Word." W 24 CM 20th | State Ministries Michigan Dean Mathis Ministry Leader Michigan State Capitol capital: Lansing population: 9,928,846 governor: Rick Snyder legislature: 148 The Mackinac Bridge, which connects the Lower and Upper Peninsulas of Michigan, at blue hour.

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